Mauricio Pochettino says he is looking forward to enjoying a “very good working relationship” with new Saints chairman Ralph Krueger.

The pair have already met a few times, with Krueger revealing earlier this week that discussions between the two had been positive.

They are set to convene again today, for the first time since the 54-year-old was officially appointed as chairman.

Krueger spoke glowingly about Pochettino and his coaching staff when he addressed the media on Wednesday, and the Saints boss said he was pleased to have heard his words.

“Of course, it is always nice to hear someone has spoken nicely about someone, and I thank him for that,” he said.

“It is clear that this club needs tranquillity after all the upheaval that happened at the beginning of January.

“There is two months left in the league competitions, a lot of changes this club is going through at this moment, and it is clear right now we need good words to move forwards in a calm and relaxed manner at this football club.”

Krueger explained this week that he feels he shares many of Pochettino’s values, and the Saints boss hopes to have a similar relationship with the new St Mary’s supremo to the one he had with his predecessor.

“I had a very good working relationship with Nicola Cortese and I hope to have very good working relationship with the new board, the new people that are coming into this football club,” he said.

“My responsibility as manager is to get the best out of every single player, but also to have a good working relationship with anyone involved with this football club.

“That is a positive thing for this football club, so the focus is always a positive one.”

While many people were encouraged to hear Krueger’s statement this week that owner Katharina Liebherr has “zero” intention of selling the club, Pochettino revealed he has been aware for some time that this was the case.

He said: “Do you remember my first press conference when Katharina Liebherr became the new acting chairman?

“I spoke with her for just five minutes before that massive press conference, that really important press conference.

“I think that was mid-January when that happened, and I am not surprised by the fact she does not intend to sell the club.

“In those five minutes I spoke with her, she told me ‘I am not selling this football club’ so that made everything much calmer for me.

“I knew from that moment on that there was no intention to sell the football club.”

Pochettino said little when it came to talk about his own future, amid suggestions that he will be offered a new contract to replace his current deal, which expires in the summer of 2015.

When asked if he saw himself at the club at the beginning of next season, the Saints boss said: “I do have one more year on my contract, don’t I? That is also doesn’t guarantee anything in football either.”

On the subject of whether he would seek assurances from Krueger about key players not being sold this summer, Pochettino said: “I think that is going to be more of a private conversation that I am going to have with him.

“He is the new chairman and I am pretty sure that he has going to have a lot more things to tell me than I am going to have to tell him. I look forward to listening to him.”