ENGLAND left back Leighton Baines has been placed in an exclusive group containing Manchester United's Eric Cantona and Saints legend Matthew Le Tissier.

The defender is the epitome of high-level consistency and that is highlighted none more so than in his penalty-taking, where he extended his 100 per cent Premier League record to 12 at the weekend in the win over Swansea.

Toffess boss Roberto Martinez did not want to jinx the 29-year-old ahead of their trip to Newcastle tonight but admits he has a special talent from the spot.

"The truth is he is such a cool character in those situations, not just penalties but dead-ball situations as well," he said.

"He is a master at putting the ball where he envisages it and he is a real strength and a real threat.

"Over the history of the game, there are only a few players who gave you that feeling of confidence: Eric Cantona, Matt Le Tissier, in Spain Ronald Koeman.

"There are only a few who bring that composure, assurance and quality in those moments and it is quite unique the strength he has in controlling the moment.

"Obviously the technicality of kicking the ball from a penalty spot shouldn't be that difficult, it is just being able to control the moment and the psychology that goes with it and Leighton is as good as you will see."