West Auckland boss Peter Dixon has taken advice from Sydenhams Premier Division managers ahead of their final with Sholing.

Dixon didn’t reveal who his secret contacts were in the Wessex, but it was all part of his research.

“We’ve spoken to people in their league (Wessex) and so we’re starting to get an idea of what they’re all about, I haven’t seen them first-hand, though,” he said.

“I don’t know too much about Sholing.

“I know they took voluntary relegation last year and I know where they are in the league table, I’ve seen videos of them on YouTube and stuff like that.

“We’re horses for courses really. We don’t have a set way of playing, we’re quite adaptable as a squad and so we’ll do a little bit more research and get a game plan.

“It is hard because we are so far away to get an idea of what they’re all about.”