THERE’S no need for anyone to panic, according to Saints legend Matt Le Tissier.

Fans may be reeling from the imminent departure of Rickie Lambert just days after manager Mauricio Pochettino walked out of the club, but once a new boss comes in, Le Tissier believes things will start to look a lot more positive.

Speaking to The Daily Echo, the man voted by fans as Saints’ greatest ever player was staying calm about what is happening at St Mary’s and thinks fans should be too.

He said: “It’s paramount we get a manager in and then we can start hearing about players coming in rather than going out. “At the moment it does feel a bit like hit, after hit, after hit, but let’s not forget, it is only one player we’ve lost.”

“Once we get someone in as manager, it should calm down. “A new manager can come in and start looking at bringing players in and that will allay people’s fears.”

Some Saints fans are worried that losing Lambert has shown the board to be naive but Le Tissier does not see what all the fuss is about.

“Players leave for good money all the time and then you go out and sign new ones. That’s what happens, so I don’t see why people are so worried.”

With big-money offers having been tabled for stars such as Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw, Saints will have to make some difficult choices in the coming weeks – but that is the same as at any club, says the ex-England international.

He added: “Really, 99.5 per cent of clubs have to sell players when a bid is made for big money.”

Saints are believed to have felt their hand was forced in the Lambert transfer, due to the player’s emotional connection with Liverpool. Saints didn’t want to run the risk of forcing him to stay with his heart clearly somewhere else.

Doing so could have resulted in the club having to accept a lower fee later in the summer, if divisions appeared in the relationship between Lambert and the club.

However, once a manager is appointed, Le Tissier is certain fears about the future of the club will recede, as it will enable them to focus on making moves to bring new faces in – and the former number seven is in no doubt what the new boss will need to do.

“What I think they need to do when they get a new manager in is get someone who will score goals, as at the moment they don’t really have anyone left to do that,” he said. “If you don’t have someone scoring goals then that means relegation, so that is of paramount importance for whoever the new manager is, when he comes in.

“Then he has try and keep hold of the rest of the players. From there, I’d like to see them bring in a new central defender and a new pacey wideman.”