SALISBURY City have a chance of retaining their place in the Football Conference after receiving an extension to pay their outstanding debts.

The initial deadline to pay players' wages was today at 5pm, but a request for an extension has been granted by the Conference board, writes Joel Holt.

Whites released a statement also indicating that Otail Touzar, the businessmen Mark Winter bought the club with last month, has been banned.

The Old Sarum outfit say they are currently taking legal action to overturn Mr Touzar's ownership.

The statement posted on City's website earlier today said: "A 5pm deadline set by the Conference tonight to address some financial issues relating to Salisbury City has passed without any action being taken against the club for the time being."

"Salisbury City have asked for an extension from the league and presented them with evidence to support their claim.

"Furthermore, the club today have, upon legal advice, taken steps to remove the current owner Otail Touzar after information surfaced questioning the legitimacy of his takeover of the club. Following consultation with legal experts, Mr Touzar has been banned from the club and will be served with legal papers in the forthcoming days to overturn his ownership."

"At this point in time no further statement will be made."