SALISBURY City’s relentless fight to retain its position in the Conference South is over after being expelled from the Football Conference.

The board of directors at the Conference demoted the Whites for failing to settle creditors from last season and secure a bond of £50,000 by 5pm today. They were also penalised for not submitting an application for membership and remitting its subscription for 2014/15 season, writes Joel Holt.

A statement from the Conference website reads: “Salisbury City Football Club has failed to meet the requirements of the Football Conference, which would enable retention of the club’s membership in Conference South.”

The club has failed to deposit a bond requested by the board; failed to pay football creditors outstanding from last season; and furthermore it has subsequently failed to submit an application for membership for the 2014/15 season; and failed to remit its subscription for the forthcoming season.

“In accordance with its decision made on, and transmitted to the club on 13th June 2014, Salisbury City FC Limited has been expelled from membership of the Football Conference.”

But Salisbury say that last night, after a four-hour meeting, Jackie Goddard, Mark Winter, Jeremy Harwood, David Phillips, Amanda Newbury and Graham Mundy safeguarded the club’s future by raising £91,000.

The club now has the option to appeal the decision and resolve the ownership issue at the High Court.

Supporter and businessman Mr Winter has been trying to get Otail Touzar, the Moroccan businessman he bought the club with in May who is yet to invest any money, to sign his shares over to him. But Mr Winter, 47, who plunged more than £75,000 into the club, was unsuccessful in his attempt and decided to step down as owner on Sunday. Meanwhile, Mr Touzar remains the majority shareholder with 96 per cent of the shares.

The Whites have had financial troubles over the years and suffered a double demotion from the Conference four years ago.

The Ray Mac outfit insist “they will not go down without a monumental fight.”