Ralph Krueger believes Saints fans will be delighted when they see the results of the ‘Ronald Revolution.’

Saints chairman Krueger is a big fan of the man he helped appoint as the club’s new manager and a few weeks on is still delighted with the choice the club have made.

He has every confidence that Koeman will deliver the style of football Saints fans want to see and that the results will come with that.

“I was pleased to meet him in the interview process and the hiring process and was elated with the energy he brings with his staff on a daily basis and the training level we have going on,” said Krueger.

“What’s really important is that there has been a very very strong and strategic approach to this whole summer and the rebuilding of the team.

“I believe that I heard a few fans had called it the ‘Ronald Revolution.’

“I would like to apologise to the fans who are frustrated with the silence of the board and I understand that, and I can only say we were not silent for any reason other than we were trying to bring deals across the line at a premium and, if not, those players were not going anywhere.”

He added: “Ronald has been an outstanding part of this team.

“It’s a good time to remind everybody through you in Southampton there has been a lot of newness and change and that brings these kind of emotions that popped up now.

“We don’t expect trust yet, we are in the process of trying to earn it.

“In March we needed an entirely new executive board and we did an excellent job and we needed a coaching staff and we have a world class coaching staff.

“We walked into a situation where there were quite a few players and a manager who wanted a shortcut to the Champions League.

“We need to build methodically towards Europe and we want players that want to be here not for a few weeks but for a few years.

“Ronald is very clear on what type of team he wants and to play an entertaining brand of football.”