SALISBURY City FC’s consortium board are outraged by the actions of the FA and the Football Conference after their court date was pulled at the eleventh hour.

The club were due to go in front of an independent appeals panel at midday today, but it will not now go ahead on the grounds that the consortium are still not the legal owners of the football team.

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved in the club the higher authorities will not give the club an appeal because Otail Touzar is still the legal owner of the Whites.

In a statement released by the Wiltshire club they are clearly perplexed by the whole situation: “We were due to go before an independent appeals panel at 12pm tomorrow to challenge the Conference board’s decision to throw us out of the league.

"Yet barely 24 hours before our case was due to be heard the independent chairman objected to our appeal on the grounds we were not the legal owners of the club therefore had no right to appeal.

"This is about football closing ranks and conspiring because they feel they are not accountable to anyone else except themselves. The Conference board are a total disgrace governed by individuals with clear agendas against this club.

“Twice they entered into negotiations with us making widespread demands we met, including paying down all debts and putting up a £50,000 bond only to pull the plug on us at the eleventh hour.”

Today the club will confront the FA about the situation and have pledged that they will not give up this fight until the bitter end.

CEO of the club Paul Smith will not let the club die and is determined to get his point heard. He said: “We are going to be banging on the doors of the FA until we get our voices heard. It is unfair for us to have gone through all this for them to then pull the opportunity to get this club back on its feet from under us.

"This is completely unacceptable and totally unprofessional. What these governing bodies have done is prejudice a board of directors whose only interest was to intervene and try and save their beloved football club ."

To see the full statement released by the club, head to the club's facebook page: