Banister Park Bowling Club are on the verge of a monumental change.

The Stoneham Lane outfit have reshuffled their structure and are hoping that will reflect with new developments of the greens.

The Eastleigh-based club have swapped the traditional committee structure in favour of a simplified version with just two panels making the decisions within the club. On top of that, they are also moving away from the usual membership fee set-up that was seen to be deterring younger people from joining the club.

Now, with a new structure in place that has been implemented by membership secretary Malcolm Jones, the club are looking forward to a future of welcoming people of all ages to their greens.

“We’ve made a break from the traditional side of bowls,” said Jones. “We will have two committees in place – one for management, who will organise things off the playing greens and one as bowls committee who will deal with the playing side.

“We will be setting up memberships to the club that will be annually agreed and can be paid monthly.

“Unlike previously, they will pay that fee and they can play as much as they want.

“Before you’d pay a smaller fee but then pay to play. In the long run it will be more cost effective for those who play more.

“It was counterproductive to have our most committed players paying every time they played, because their costs were astronomical with them playing the most. It’s like punishing keen players financially for wanting to play bowls.”

Under 21s will pay just £6 a month to play as much bowls as they want, while full members will pay £27.50 a month for the same pleasure. Those youngsters will have access to qualified bowls coaches and the indoor and outdoor greens.

On the management committee Banister welcome John Harris, long-time member Barry Bendall, former president of the club Mike Hutt and former army man and accountant Jones.

Meanwhile, on their bowls panel is Hampshire bowler Steve Whitehead, Malcolm Comley, Romsey outdoor ladies secretary Eileen Scovell and Jackie Comley.

New membership costs at Banister Park Bowls: £6 per month for under 21s, £8 per month for under 25s, £18.50 per month for indoor bowling, £27.50 per month for both indoor and outdoor.