The Salisbury City saga continues with claims that club owner Outail Touzar is in breach of his lease agreement at the Raymond McEnhill Stadium.

The consortium looking to take control of the club from Touzar say the Moroccan businessman has been sent formal notification of the breach from the solicitors of the ground owners.

“For the sake of transparency, the investors felt it was important to make this notice public to avoid any misunderstanding or unfair accusations,” said the consortium.

“While we continue the financially crippling fight for legal ownership of the club through the courts, which to date has exceeded £100,000, the breaches of the covenants listed are purely down to the actions of one man – Touzar.

“We have maintained open dialogue with the McEnhill Trust, who own the ground.

“Touzar however, has made no effort whatsoever to contact them," the consortium claimed.

“At no point has he attempted to address the worrying issues relating to breaching the lease agreement.

“It should be pointed out that the owners have no wish to see Salisbury City evicted. They have made it abundantly clear they want to work with us going forward.

“However, their solicitors are required, by law, to serve notice on the club if they are in breach of the covenants over the ground.

“While Touzar remains in control of the club, we are powerless to intervene.

“But, be assured, we will exhaust every legal avenue to save this football club.”