BILLIONAIRE Paul Allen is NOT going to be making a formal bid for Saints.

Allen's spokesman, America-based Michael Nank, has categorically denied the Microsoft co-founder is interested in taking over at St Mary's.

Nank was speaking after reports linked Allen with a possible interest in Premiership club Blackburn Rovers.

Nank, a spokesman for Allen's Vulcan Inc investment group, told the worldwide Press Association group that his boss is not looking to join the growing amount of Americans in English football.

"Mr Allen is not interested nor involved in any kind of takeover offer for Blackburn Rovers or any other English football club".

Nank's statement to PA last night backed up an email he sent to the Daily Echo over TWO weeks ago.

Replying to our question as to whether Allen was still interested in making a formal bid for Saints, Nank told the Echo on Wednesday, May 30: "Paul has no interest in making a bid on Southampton - or any other football club."

In a further email to Echo business editor Gareth Lewis a few days later, Nank added that Allen was never interested in investing in Saints.

Full story: See today's Daily Echo.