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Tottenham 2-1 Southampton - as it happened

Last updated:

Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author

Peter Howard, Sports Reporter

    SPURS (Eriksen 14, Alli 33 pen) 2-1 (Ward-Prowse 52) SAINTS - kick-off 2.15pm
  • SAINTS: Forster, Cedric, Stephens, Yoshida, Bertrand, Romeu, Davis, Ward-Prowse, Tadic (Boufal 68), Redmond (Rodriguez 80), Gabbiadini (Long 31). Subs: Hassen, Caceres, McQueen, Hojbjerg.
  • TOTTENHAM: Lloris, Walker (Trippier 78), Dier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies, Wanyama, Dembele, Dele, Eriksen (Janssen 86), Son (Winks 75). Subs: Vorm, Wimmer, Onomah, Sissoko.
  • Ref: Andre Marriner


zurichboy 2:46pm Sun 19 Mar 17


Score: 0
zurichboy Replying zurichboy 2:49pm Sun 19 Mar 17

And again...

Score: 0
Michigan-Saint 12:56pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Confident of at least a tie. The season goes forward from here. Let's do this! 🖒😎

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 1:06pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Let's give the Yobbos an Asbo!

Score: 0
Michigan-Saint Replying Positively4thStreet 1:13pm Sun 19 Mar 17

While giving Caceres a start!

Score: 0
Saint Chufty 1:10pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Hoping to see Caceres start in place of Stephens. No offence to the lad but this game needs experience and guile

Score: 2
Michigan-Saint Replying Saint Chufty 1:25pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Caceres on the bench. Not disappointed at all. Winning squad deserves the chance. Either way is fine with me.🖒

Score: 0
Mush On The Beach 1:17pm Sun 19 Mar 17

G’day all, it feels like too long between games but finally this should be a cracker.
I’d love to get a glimpse of what Caceres is all about. Hopefully JWP and Redmond are going to put in big performances on the back of their three lions selections.
Always a tough venue at the Lane, even without Kane but let’s take it to them. I expect goals in this one and a share of the points. COYR!

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 1:17pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Souness has just sold Gabbiadini..I predict a riot !

Score: 0
Clever Dick 1:41pm Sun 19 Mar 17

How come we get the bl00dy referee who cost us the league cup final?

Score: 2
Mush On The Beach Replying Clever Dick 1:50pm Sun 19 Mar 17

It was his assistant that got it wrong, just don’t tell me he’s there today as well or we will be in trouble. Video Replay Technology ... that is the question?

Score: 1
ItalianSaint Replying Clever Dick 1:50pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Let's hope he makes amends!

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint 2:00pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Strasbourg checking in...... from Oxford. Long story.

Can't fault the selection. None of us can tell how ready Caseres is and people have been crying out for a settled side.

Would love to win, but realistically ............


Score: 1
under the west stand 2:32pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Dier is a dirty git hopefully he'll get sent off cos otherwise it seems we are never able to cope with erikson.
Time to lose Yoshida for Caceres.

Score: 2
Michigan-Saint Replying under the west stand 2:40pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I believe Bertrand gave him to much time.

Score: 0
markodarko29 Replying under the west stand 2:43pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Saints seem to be playing ok but yoshida and Stevens are getting the run around again

Score: 0
BigTankie Replying markodarko29 3:22pm Sun 19 Mar 17

It's not yoshi and Stephens , its Davis Romeu and ward prowse not controlling the middle at all.
Is Ali the new Young ? What a f*****g cheat. He has won four penalties and not one has been a real penalty !

Score: 2
mack chinnon 2:29pm Sun 19 Mar 17


Score: 0
zurichboy Replying mack chinnon 2:31pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Much too....

Score: 0
legod7 2:36pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Fraser Forster England's number one.

Score: 1
Michigan-Saint Replying legod7 2:39pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Actually, he looks comfortable today. 🖒

Score: 0
expatsaint Replying legod7 2:42pm Sun 19 Mar 17

It wasn't easy and it wasn't an appalling error but the top keepers are saving those on a pretty regular basis - FF isn't, end of....

Score: 1
mack chinnon 2:44pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Dusan Kanu.

Score: 0
under the west stand 2:47pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I can't beleive this...
Gabbiadini off
Miss you yid git

Score: 1
under the west stand Replying under the west stand 2:48pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Might have known Forster would continue to show his class
over and out!

Score: 0
mack chinnon 2:48pm Sun 19 Mar 17


Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint 2:51pm Sun 19 Mar 17

You have to love the uselessness of referees. Why couldn't we get Long on sooner? Talk about punishing a side unjustly. And how sh!te must Dele Ali be at ice-skating. He can barely stand up on grass.

Score: 2
DisplacedFan 2:52pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Damage control now. Good game to bring on Canceres at some point.

Score: 1
Mush On The Beach 2:53pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Nothing going our way, Gabbi off injured is a real blow. No complaints about the penalty, we just did not deal with clearing the ball properly. We've only got ourselves to blame for this, we look ordinary.

Score: 0
under the west stand 2:53pm Sun 19 Mar 17

We haven't really been a threat yet Tadic and Gab off target (embarrassing Dusan). So at best, if they relax a little and we'll sneak one before half time we could make them nervous enough to slip up.

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 2:55pm Sun 19 Mar 17

It's going to be a long second half.
(Shane will get a hat trick).

Score: 1
OSPREYSAINT Replying Positively4thStreet 3:04pm Sun 19 Mar 17

We are against 14 again today.

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet Replying OSPREYSAINT 3:09pm Sun 19 Mar 17

No change there then, I'm starting to believe Strassy' s top six conspiracy theories.

Score: 1
Strasbourg Saint Replying Positively4thStreet 4:27pm Sun 19 Mar 17

It's no theory, Pos, as sure as rain is wet, Utah is dry, Le God is a legend and José (you decide which one) is a d!ck, it's a fact, as today has proved.

Score: 1
under the west stand 3:03pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Thats a penalty for sure...
While I admire their performances in general they really **ss me off the way they cheat and get away with it.
Why always us?

Score: 0
Tyke15 Replying under the west stand 3:06pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Totally agree a team of cheaters plus biased and inept referring

Score: 0
Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness 3:07pm Sun 19 Mar 17

What a gutless display. Bullied all day by Spurs. Soft, soft, soft. Anyone in that side know what a shoulder charge is? I told you HCs those two donkeys would do nothing against a real football club. Get some stones you clowns.

Score: 1
OSPREYSAINT Replying Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness 4:44pm Sun 19 Mar 17

You were watching a different game then, whenever a Saint as much as blew wind at Spuds they were penalised, the red card would have been fanning the wind had anyone attempted a serious challenge. get real and show some support for once or take a hike.

Score: 4
Strasbourg Saint 3:09pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Well, I don't blame Mariner for Wembley. Yes, he let Zlatan and his pals get away with a lot of falling over and mouthing but he was badly let down by his lino.

Today, however, talk about inconsistent. If Nathan got booked for pulling a player back, how does dirty, cheating Dembele not get booked for deliberate obstruction.

And, if that was a foul by Steven Davis on Dele Alli for the penalty, how come it wasn't a foul by Ben Davies on Tadic?

Score: 2
RisingSon Replying Strasbourg Saint 3:15pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I think you already have a theory that explains that.

Score: 2
Strasbourg Saint Replying RisingSon 3:18pm Sun 19 Mar 17

True. I called it midweek, RS. The sweet FA want to keep Spuds in the title race as long as possible.

Score: 1
miltonarcher 3:10pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Not getting rub of the green, replays showed we were denied a pen. Same ref as EFL final!!!

Score: 1
under the west stand Replying miltonarcher 3:22pm Sun 19 Mar 17

True but we lack threat yet again.
When we hit the 18 yard line nobody wants the responsibility and the crosses float in giving our huge front runners the advantage over the tiny spurs defence.
Rocket science brain power is obviously required again to understand what we keep doing wrong.

Score: 0
[deleted] 3:10pm Sun 19 Mar 17
Score: 0
[deleted] 3:10pm Sun 19 Mar 17
Score: 0
Mush On The Beach 3:11pm Sun 19 Mar 17

If their’s was a penalty, then why wasn’t a similar case against Tadic given. You have to question the fairness of officiating against us in these type of games.
We deserve to be losing, but perhaps that was our opportunity to gain a spark for the 2nd half.

Score: 0
forlorn 3:15pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Dunno why Puel continues to pick Forster who is fracking useless. Should have saved the first goal for which he had an unobstructed view of a long shot. Dubious penalty for Spurs and a dubious decision not to give us a penalty - cr@p referee. Overall a lame Saints performance. Too many of our obscenely overpaid players doing sweet FA to win this match. Gabbi goes off because he tweaks a groin. How weak are players are. Lost count of the number of so-called injured Saints players shirking in the physio room on huge wages. Southampton FC has become a club for shirkers, mediocrities and other unambitious time wasters. Pathetic.

Edit: 2-1 Good to see the lads responding to my half-time team talk...lol

Last edited: 9:10pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Score: 2
redsnapper 3:19pm Sun 19 Mar 17

If this is the worlds most watched league ..its fixture calendar is a fukin joke. 4 games in 6 days at Xmas and 2 games in a month now !!

We are not game sharp today and once again the officials are useless.

Score: 1
andysaint Replying redsnapper 3:25pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Too many games not enough games
How about they put some effort in

Score: 2
Ted-Bates 3:22pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Could be a game of two halves.
This is where Puel earns his money, firing up Saints for the second half.
Sad to say but there aren't too many teams that can beat Spurs at WHL especially one with Toby and Victor in the team.

Score: 3
Beer Monster Replying Ted-Bates 10:21am Mon 20 Mar 17

And to be fair, we did look a lot better in the second half...

Score: 0
andysaint 3:23pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I don't suppose there's any chance of a Saints player bothering to make a tackle? (Apart from Davis waving his leg at Alli)
Looks like they are going through the motions - they can't be arsed - overpaid and underworked. Frigging disgrace

Score: 2
OSPREYSAINT Replying andysaint 4:48pm Sun 19 Mar 17

As much chance I imagine of you making a positive comment?

Score: 1
andysaint Replying OSPREYSAINT 6:21pm Sun 19 Mar 17

There we have it - we played ever so well - really did good - but Spurs are such a good team - after all not many teams win there do they? Well done boys - we lost but we are so proud that you tried really hard. Im so happy that we are glorious losers. Good enough?

Score: 1
Beer Monster Replying andysaint 10:33am Mon 20 Mar 17

They said on Motd that ours was only the eighth goal Spurs have conceded at WHL this season...

Score: 0
OSPREYSAINT Replying andysaint 10:57am Tue 21 Mar 17

OK but too late.

Score: 0
under the west stand 3:25pm Sun 19 Mar 17

First bit of flair out to Bertrand, best cross JWP finds the net...simples???

Last edited: 3:28pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Score: 0
Soccerbollocks 3:27pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Get in there!!

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 3:27pm Sun 19 Mar 17

All is not lost.

Score: 0
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy 3:28pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I think Puel is a jinx. Nothing ever seems to go right for him with injuries.
He is a bloody Jonah.

Last edited: 1:46am Mon 20 Mar 17

Score: 5
Mush On The Beach 3:28pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Nice on Jimmy .... over to you now Nathan.

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 3:35pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Same ol' Vic.

Score: 0
under the west stand 3:36pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Bring on Caceres
We don't have a great deal to lose in the scheme of things but blooding him in now we get to see if he can make a difference for the rest of the season

Score: 3
[deleted] 3:45pm Sun 19 Mar 17
Score: 0
under the west stand 3:48pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Getting sick of this back passing crap now

Score: 1
forlorn 3:50pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Long offside AGAIN. Somebody explain the rule to him.

Score: 1
OSPREYSAINT Replying forlorn 5:04pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Someone could offer the lino a pair of Specsaver specials, he has got it wrong a couple of times and it was messing with Shanes mind.

Score: 2
george chivers Replying OSPREYSAINT 5:31pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I counted three wrong off-sides.

Score: 0
forlorn 3:53pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Boufal has been on for about 10 mins. Time he limped off, isn't it?

Score: 0
under the west stand Replying forlorn 3:59pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Touch too much every frickin time

Score: 2
Tony Robertson, Stranraer 3:55pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Rodriguez on. Saints throw in the towel.

Score: 0
DisplacedFan Replying Tony Robertson, Stranraer 3:59pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Sadly have to agree. JR is not in our future.

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint Replying DisplacedFan 4:14pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Have you EVER posted anything positive, Tony. Don't bother replying, it's a rhetorical question.

In fact, in the end, he provided our best chance of an equaliser, but I expect you've forgotten about that.

Score: 4
under the west stand 3:57pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Never heard of Harry Winks but you can see he has the same assy streak as Ali and his gang.
But on another note we are pretty clueless every time we manage to push the ball forward.
A) we rarely make the pass
B) the receiving player takes it back to A

Score: 2
OSPREYSAINT Replying under the west stand 4:37pm Sun 19 Mar 17


Score: 0
under the west stand Replying OSPREYSAINT 6:27pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I mean, there is usually long periods in the game when we pass backwards.
Then any forward passing attempts hardly hit another saint.
If they do hit another saint it's under pressure so backwards it goes or we lose it again.
In other words we make forward flowing football look hard and get ripped apart by many teams that are able to do this basic footballing practise. Even sides below us pass forward more directly and pose a threat easier than we make it look.

Score: 0
[deleted] 4:10pm Sun 19 Mar 17
Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 4:11pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Oh well, no result, but weren't embarrassed, and ended up winning the second half.
It was a game in hand dropped though.

Score: 2
Mush On The Beach 4:12pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Better intensity from us in 2nd half, but we lost it by being too far off the pace in the 1st.
Boufal needs to stand up and be counted and Shane Long needs to learn how to stay on-side.
Another game of 2 goals or more conceded and still no sign of Caceres.

Score: 0
under the west stand 4:13pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Same chinks in our armour.
Doesn't Puel watch the matches back?
A little pride from the players at least but other than that....
I don't care how good spuds are supposed to be we could do better.

Score: 0
peregrine73 Replying under the west stand 4:17pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Puel is not Saints future,until we replace him we will not progress.

Score: 1
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Replying peregrine73 4:20pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I think Puel is a jinx. Nothing ever seems to go right for him with injuries.
He is a bloody Jonah.

Score: 3
Rocket 1 Replying Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy 5:03pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I do not think Puel is a Jinx, it is the Dodgy Refs and Linesmen that haven't got a Clue, the sooner the Technology comes in the better, then you will not have the so called "BIG TEAMS" or Cheating, you do not get a Penalty against the so called "BIG TEAMS" but you do against Southampton.........

Score: 1
OSPREYSAINT Replying peregrine73 4:21pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I bet if we had won you would have been invisible.

Score: 5
Beer Monster Replying peregrine73 10:35am Mon 20 Mar 17

You don't want to get to another cup final then?

Score: 0
Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness Replying under the west stand 4:19pm Sun 19 Mar 17

You weren't the one yelling 'DVD' and 'three for a fiver' at the Millwall/Spurs match were you? :)

Score: 2
under the west stand Replying Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness 6:30pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Sorry I don't know what you mean

Score: 1
forlorn 4:16pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Spurs were nothing special. We should have got a draw for all the pressure we put them under. But we lose again in the Prem. Not good enough. Heads must roll... Forster's, Boufal's, Long's and Puel's.

Score: 2
Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness Replying forlorn 4:22pm Sun 19 Mar 17

What about the two wonder-donkeys, Redmond and Tadic?

Score: 1
OSPREYSAINT Replying Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness 9:41pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Nathan Redmond vs Spurs: -40 touches -28 passes -4/4 tackles won -100% take-on success -100% aerial duels won. Not too bad for a donkey.

Score: 0
OSPREYSAINT Replying forlorn 4:28pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Spurs nothing special? They are second in the Premier, they haven't lost a game at WHL since we beat them last year, they must be doing something right? Many of the games I have watched them in this Season they have virtually done the same kind of performance and won although Kane was responsible for a lot of that? I reckon they pay the Officials more too.

Score: 4
saintbobby Replying OSPREYSAINT 4:59pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Most know I hate Spuds. Does not alter the fact they are a very good team. Always difficult for Saints.

Then they do have Poch, Toby and Victor. Then they do have Harry Kane, dele Alli and one or two others, not to mention a class goalkeeper. Fair dos, they are a very good side and I really do wish so much that we could beat them!

Score: 2
dazzybabes Replying forlorn 4:31pm Sun 19 Mar 17

First goal issue isn't the shot that beat Forster but the loopy cross ten seconds earlier in the six yard box that once again the 6ft7 stood & watched, had he stepped forward & grabbed it the ball would have been in his hands at about the time it hit the net. Centre backs no chance with him there he needs Virgil to save him every time the ball comes near the goal.

Score: 2
OSPREYSAINT Replying dazzybabes 4:50pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Those half a dozen great saves he made were marred by him not getting down quick enough to the first goal, he may have seen it late, there was a player in front of him.

Score: 1
Positively4thStreet Replying forlorn 4:43pm Sun 19 Mar 17

The way we stood up in the second half, suggests that if Gabbiadini hadn't gone off injured, things might've been different.

Score: 0
zurichboy Replying Positively4thStreet 7:37pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Yes, as soon as he went off we looked lost up front. Back to the days before he arrived.

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint 4:20pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Deserved to be edged out in the first half, deservedly edged the second. Should have been a draw and would have been but for marginal decisions going against us.

Once again, the result was heavily influenced by an offical's inconsistencies.

What was noticeable is that when Oriel and Steven were under performing in the first half, we struggled, once they got a grip in the second half, we were a much bigger threat.

And Soufial, maybe he should spend the rest of the season in the U23s adjusting to life here. So much talent, but it just ain't happening.

Score: 2
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Replying Strasbourg Saint 4:32pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Dreadfal....sorry I mean Boufal seems to leave every ounce of his skills back at Staplewood. I just look at him and think "not another Gaston, please"

Score: 1
saintbobby Replying Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy 4:55pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I do hope you are wrong. But, he has had hardly half a dozen flashes of any skill so far. Seems to run into many brick walls. Or is that harsh?

Score: 0
Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness 4:27pm Sun 19 Mar 17

can't play cream puffs against men.

Case in point: Boufal in the corner against Wanyama, who is a plodding runner on a card. He freezes Wanyama, gets half a step inside, Wanyama reaches out, and Boufal, instead of dropping a shoulder and driving to the net, backs off. Wanyama would have fouled him for sure, second yellow, off the pitch.

This is English football, Puel, and you need to learn to teach your cream puffs how to play like men.

Score: 1
OSPREYSAINT Replying Saints Need Physical and Mental Toughness 4:34pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Welcome back, haven't had much to say lately have you? I would love to see a video of you trying take Big Vic on, that would make my day.

Last edited: 11:03am Mon 20 Mar 17

Score: 6
OSPREYSAINT 4:45pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I am going to have to walk away today before I blow a fuse!

Score: 1
under the west stand Replying OSPREYSAINT 6:50pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I applaud your love for the saints but the point people try to make a lot on here and get slammed for is sometimes we are too soft, sloppy, slow, thick and afraid to turn games into points.
When clubs and fans don't accept this, fortunes change for the better.
For a moment lets think about the spread of players that were a unit for us and now belong to other clubs.....
Did we still suffer the same tendancy even with them when playing at the emerites, white heart lane, Goodison etc?
I think we did within reason. I know we gained (and sometimes still do which proves my point) good points including at spuds last year but it's not enough and it's about expectation.
We accept 95%. I am sure that with the right man in the seat instead of Puel this year we'd have had 40 + points by now and relishing the chance to improve and improve instead of playing with a monkey on our back.
We lost the FA cup final in the dying moments because Zlatan expected to win.
Eriksen beat Forster because he expected to.
Then he missed one...it didn't stop him having another couple of goes though but we just don't man up and take it by the scruff of the neck. Looping crosses to our forwards just aint good enough. Our own attacks ending up back with bertrand and Yoshida aint good enough. Weak clearances are frankly embarrassing.
Accept some fans have higher expectations than you and expect more from each individual that lets us down too often.

Last edited: 8:01am Mon 20 Mar 17

Score: 3
Beer Monster Replying OSPREYSAINT 11:05am Mon 20 Mar 17

That's precisely why I didn't bother coming on here last night... instead I enjoyed watching Sporting Gijon with a bottle of Merlot...

Score: 0
george chivers 5:29pm Sun 19 Mar 17

We were unlucky today, our performance was good. We deserved a draw. Tadic should have scored in the first half. I think Caceres should play against Bournemouth. I feel upbeat despite losing. Hope Giabbidini is not out for too long.

Score: 0

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