Key Points

• Southampton leg restarts at 6.00am
• Torch goes to Southampton Airport for Channel Islands flight
• Flame goes through Fareham from 16.29pm
• Send us your photos - find out more
• Check out our photo galleries of the torch relay.

SUNDAY - 06.00
IT'S six o'clock on Sunday morning for goodness sake - who organised this thing.

What a day yesterday was but it is the morning after the night before and the Olympic torch is back on the streets of Southampton to continue its journey through the city to Southampton airport.

It will then be put on a flight to the Channel Islands before coming back to Hampshire and making its way through Fareham and on to the Gosport ferry to Portsmouth.

Echo reporter Patrick Knox set his alarm early to witness the flame’s final leg in Southampton.

”I can’t believe that so many people turned out so early,” he says.

“Yesterday so many people turned out I thought they would have had their fill of the torch – but this was amazing - they came back for more.”

Some people who had stayed up all night just to be here.

Others, bleary eyed just happened to stumble upon the event – literally on their way back home from a night out.

Loads of people run after the torch up London Road and marshalls had a job on their hands keeping people away from the convoy. It is incredible there are thousands of people out at this time.

How do people have all this energy so early – they are running up the Avenue to get a glimpse of the torch.

By the time it reached the end of its journey to leave Southampton the crowds had diminished and only a handful of people watched the flame as it was taken in its jar into a coach to Southampton airport and to the Channel Islands.

It’s been an amazing 12 hours in Southampton and an occasion we will remember for a long time – next it’s Fareham at 16.29pm.

Daily Echo: Early torch bearer makes his way through the crowd
First torch bearer of the day Michael Stroud leaves the Guildhall.

It's on its way back again!

After a brief few hours in the Channel Islands the Olympic torch is Hampshire bound again.

A British Airways flight with the flame on board has taken off from Jersey and is due ot touch down at Southampton Airport at twenty past three.

From there it will make its way to Fareham, then Gosport and Portsmouth.

Echo reporter Matt Smith has joined the huge crowds in Fareham where thousands of people are in the town centre and lining the main street with Union flags and blow up torches sold along the route.

Carparks are nearly full to capacity already and children have nabbed all the best positions on the pavement at the front.

Matt has sent the picture below as the tension mounts prior to the torch's arrival.

Daily Echo: Crowds gather in West Street, Fareham
The crowds gather in West Street, Fareham

Safely back in Hampshire the Olympic flame is now making it's way through Southampton Airport (no wait for customs or luggage carousels)and then it's on to Fareham

They know how to live in Fareham! Residents along the route have set up tables in their front gardens with food and drink as they enter into party atmosphere.

One gathering has even hung out signal flags spelling out: "Happy Olympiad" - well so they tell us!

Daily Echo: Flags reading Happy Olympiad in Fareham

Flags reading Happy Olympiad in Fareham.

Things are getting exciting now in Fareham, according to reporter Matt Smith

Sponsor floats arrive at Delme roundabout with police motorcycle outriders and music blaring.

The crowds being whooped up into a frenzy of excitement.

Meanwhile torch bearers are being warmed up inside a coach at the start of the route in Fareham near Lysess Path.

Daily Echo: Torch bearers warming up in a coach
Torch bearers get ready.

Warm up finished. We're goes.

The flame is lit and held aloft as the first Olympic torch bearer in Fareham, Kim Hosier begins her run.

Daily Echo: Fareham torch bearer Kim Hosier
Kim Hosier with the torch.

What a response. Huge crowds five or six deep in centre of Fareham cheering and waving flags as torch passes by.

Well wishers hanging out of windows and from lamposts to get best views.

Daily Echo: The torch relay through Fareham
The torch relay through Fareham

The flame is being pushed on a trolley by fourth torch bearer Catherine Holc-Thompson around Fareham Creek.

Pace slowed for crowds to jump out and take pictures with her.

Daily Echo: Passing the flame between torches in Fareham
Swapping the flame in Fareham.

What's going on now. Yesterday we were all totally drenched in the New Forest and remained damp in Southampton, but today in Fareham there appears to be the smell of barbeques.

According to reporter Matt Smith, who missed all the fun in the rain yesterday, the sun is out in Fareham.

He reports that thesun is out as the torch passes along Fareham Road to Gosport.

Garden chairs are out along the road with the smell of bbqs in the air.

A carnival atmosphere with a defeaning chorus of whistles outside Vector Aerospace.

Torch reaches the end of this afternoon's leg in Gosport in glorious sunshine.

Eleven torch bearers in total but party continues for many in pubs and gardens while crowds disperse from the streets and the Olympic jamboree drives off.

That appears to be that.

The flame has boarded the Gosport ferry and is now on its way to Portsmouth and a meeting with HMS Victory.

Another memorable day will end with a party on Southsea Common and hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks.

I'm sure it'll be a great night - but Pompey will have to go some if it is to match the fantastic scenes in Southampton and Mayflower Park last night.



For now though, with the torch gone and 12 days to go all that remains to be said is: "LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Olympic Torch Relay in Hampshire. Shortly, the torch will begin its first leg of the day in Lyndhurst.

If you want to check out the routes the torch will be taking today, have a look at the interactive maps we've put together:
Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst and Lymington

Throughout the day, we will also be inviting you to send in your pictures and video. To find out how you can do this, check out the information on our Olympics homepage.

It looks like Lyndhurst is already in the party spirit according to Daily Echo reporter Jon Reeve.

Thousands of people are lining the high street and every possible vantage point is taken, he reports. Union Flags everywhere - hats, umbrellas and flags and bunting - a real party spirit.

About 15 minutes to go and crowds gathered near the start in Lyndhurst are warming up their voices by cheering through passing cyclists, police cars, a fire engine and even a dustbin van.

Just before the fun gets underway, don't forget to pick up your Olympic Torch souvenir picture special covering all the fun and drama of the day in the Daily Echo on Monday .

Things are staring to warm up in Brockenhurst where the torch arrives at 10.25am.

According to Daily Echo reporter Patrick Knox hundreds of people are gathering on the edge of the village with flag and balloons with passing cars tooting their horns to the crowds.

It appears the atmosphere is building in Brockenhust. "It's really buzzing," said onlooker John Cunningham, who sent the video below. Thanks John.


Oh no, the brollies are up in Brockenhurst. The crowd of hundreds has now swollen to thousands along Lyndhurst Road, but I don't suppose they will care if it rains much - it might just be a shower.

What a spectacular sight! The torch has made its may through thousands of screaming well-wishers cheering each torch bearer down Lyndhurst High Street.

People were sitting on walls and created their own Murray Mound on the grassy bank at St Michael and All Angels Church.

The biggest cheers were reserved for fund raiser Wendy Benson, 53, from Kanes Hill, Southampton, who thanked everyone for braving the rain to see her and treated the crowds to an impromptu dance before passing the flame on to Susan Rae.

The flame is now on its way to Brockenhurst.

Lyndhurst catches Olympic torch buzz. Click here for the full story.

As we head for Brockenhurst College John Cunningham has sent another video of preparations there.


Echo reporter Patrick Knox braves the deluge in true British style along with thousands of other red white and blue flag wavers. “I’m absolutely soaked, so is everyone else but nobody cares,” he says. “It was such an amazing sight that hardly anyone mentioned the rain and the flame survived the wet, but only just.”

Now as the flame heads for Lymington the fun continues at Brockenhurst College with a range of activities, including Olympic themed games, with bands and dancing.

Daily Echo: Torch bearers Steve Barker and Ben Pugh at Brockenhurst College
Torch bearers Steve Barker and Ben Pugh at Brockenhurst College

Oh yes! Some traditional English fare at Brockenhurst College. No, not that horrendous shower -the morris dancing!


Thousands greet Olympic torch in Brockenhurst Click here for the full story.

The brollies and now up in Lymington too as the torch nears the town.

Echo reporter Jon Reeve describes torrential rain which has driven hundreds of people to seek shelter where ever they can find it.

"My feet are so wet," he says.

But the brave souls are determined not to let a bit of water spoil their fun and force them to miss out a once in a lifetime chance to see the torch in their town.

The rain continues to drench the thousands in Lymington. Bless them – you’d have tought the soggy summer could have at least give some respite for the Olympic torch – but alas no.

Nevertheless, what a tremendous effort by everyone if there was an Olympic gold medal for braving the elements then the soggy people of Lymington would walk it.

The torch bearers played their part too and didn’t let the rain spoil their moment of glory.

Many off them were maybe not singing in the rain but they were certainly dancing in it.

The torch has now left the water ridden streets and headed for the Wightlink ferry terminal.

There it will board a ferry and leave England and cross the Solent to the Isle of Wight.

Daily Echo: Olympic torch bearer in Lymington
A soggy torch bearer in Lymington.

That's it...farewell flame. The New Forest has certainly played its part and added to the growing enthusiasm for the Olympic Games that is sweeping the country

Lymington embraces Olympic spirit in the rain Click here for the full story.

The torch is now on its way to Yarmouth and then on to the picturesque Needles.

It will then travel across the Island before record breaking sailor Dame Ellen MacArthur brings it back to the mainland for a huge celebration in Southampton this evening.

Let's hope we've had enough rain for today. Predictions are that it might actually dry out for this evenings events. Fingers cross everybody!

We're there, across the Solent and now safely in Yarmouth.

It's now off to Totland and then all the fun of the Needles chair lift!

It's always sunny on the Isle of Wight, we all know that!

Daily Echo: Hattie Gould, from Whiteley, carries Olympic torch on the Isle of Wight
Hattie Gould, 16, from Whiteley carries the Olympic torch at Totland, and is greated by huge crowds turn out as the torch makes its way en route to the Needles.

We’re there at the Needles chairlift – I hope the wind doesn’t blow out the flame.

It is down to Alum Bay by David Ouston, 46, from Ryde, with 17-year-old Laura Carlisle, from Fareham, carrying it back up again.

What a great sight it’s going to be. David set up a street pastors scheme on the island, which offers help to people in need.

Laura was nominated through the Locog public nomination campaign for her dedication and commitment to netball.

She will be following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Peter Roland, who carried the Olympic Flame in 1948, because of his involvement with Gosport Athletic Club.

They did it! The fully intact flame is now winding its way round the narrow streets of Yarmouth before heading towards Carisbrooke and then on to Newport

Absolutely phenonemal - what a spectacular sight as the torch comes in to Newport.

Crowds six or seven deep waving Union flags greet the torch bearers as they jog through the town waving as they go.

What a great atmosphere - the Olympics have definitely come to the Isle of Wight.

Can the crowds in Southampton beat this?

We are amused! The flame has made it Queen Victoria's holiday home of Osborne House in East Cowes.

A huge crowd has gathered outside the main gates, which are gathered by police, waiting for th etorch to emerge.

It seems as though the entire Island had turned out to see the Olympic flame.

Daily Echo: Queen Victoria - what would she have made of all this Olympic torch business?

Queen Victoria. What would she have made of all this Olympic torch business?

It’s arrived in East Cowes and is firmly in the safe hands of Dame Ellen Macarthur.

Having taken a yacht round the world I’m sure the record breaking sailor won’t mind a short trip on the Red Eagle ferry to bring the flame back to the mainland.

It is due to arrive in Southampton, finally, at about 5.30pm - get ready to party!

While the flame and Dame Ellen are relaxing on the Red Funnel with a hot chocolate and a cake (or something) now may be a good time to issue a reminder.

Don't forget to pick up your Olympic Torch souvenir picture special covering all the fun and drama of the this historic weekend in the Daily Echo on Monday.

It'll be well worth 45p!!

With 45 minutes to go things are starting to warm up in Southampton.

The Daily Echo’s own party girls (reporters Jenny Makin and Tara Russell) are already savouring the atmosphere in Mayflower Park as crowds begin to gather.

It's official. Southampton is getting set for the biggest Olympic torch party the UK has seen so far -must be more than 1,000 people here already.

Daily Echo: Mayflower Park gets ready to party!
The view of Mayflower Park

Rain is holding out but if you are heading down bring your wellies, starting to get a little soggy.

Daily Echo: Reporter Jenny Makin gets ready to party!
Echo reporter Jenny Makin gets ready to party!

Meanwhile away from the party Echo reporter Jon Reeve is back on the streets after drying out from this morning's soaking.

He reports that lots of people are starting to line the route of the torch through the Old Town.

Lots of excited youngsters waving blow up torches and yes, you guessed it – it’s raining. Doh!

Echo reporter Patrick Knox has probably the best seat in town - on top of the Bargate.

We are very jealous, but how did he manage that?

Apparently, he says, the city centre is heaving and awash with red, white and blue.

There is also a deafening cacophony of horns resounding in Above Bar.


Echo reporter Patrick’s view from the Bargate

With hundreds of people now lining the entrance to Mayflower Park and the Red Funnel ferry terminal some bemused looking tourists are getting a send off on their holidays they’ll have never experienced before as they head on coaches for the ferries to take them to the Island.

While thousands flock to Southampton others can’t wait to get away from the city.

Holidaymakers get a bird's eye view of the festivities as they leave for warmer climes on Independence of the Seas. Don't worry about us in the cold and wet chaps!

Daily Echo: Independence of the Seas leaves the city
Don’t worry about us. Independence of the Seas leaves the city

It’s here – back in England after its brief voyage overseas.

The flame arrived in Southampton on Red Eagle with its funnel bedecked in a Union flag and flanked by two Red Jets with a tug spraying its water jets in celebration.

Huge crowds gathered outside the terminal to cheer the flame as it arrived.

Daily Echo: Huge crowds greet the torch as it comes off the Red Funnel ferry
Huge crowds gather in the rain to greet the torch at the Red Funnel terminal

It continues to rain and resourceful reporter Tara Russell has had to find a dry office to work from – the toilets at Mayflower Park. (Sorry about her, she tries!)

Daily Echo: Tara in the loo
Flushed with ideas - Tara works from the loo!

The party has started and street dancers Twist and Pulse (in the video below and runners up in last years Britain’s Got Talent)have just had a rapturous reception at Mayflower Park. Crowds are going mad.


The torch is bound for St Mary's where Saints are one nil down to Anderlecht in the Markus Liebherr Memorial Trophy with five minutes to go. COYR!

Queues are building outside Mayflower Park says Echo reporter Sian Davies.

Apparently there is a bottle neck as people trying to get into the event try to make their way through the metal security gates.

Meanwhile, city mayor Derek Burke has just been on TV saying the event has taken to year to plan but “has turned out to be a really good one”.

That probably explains the queues to get in!

Oh, and Saints lost, never mind it's only a friendly.

Reporter Patrick Knox has come down from his eerie on top of the Bargate and is now jealous of some forward thinking members of the crowd who have brought their own deck chairs.

It's just a shame the sun didn’t some out.

Torch just got a huge cheer as it went into St Marys - almost a loud as when Saints appeared on the pitch an hour earlier.

After a circuit of the pitch it is now back on the road and heading back towards town.


Meanwhile, back at Mayflower Park, according to our team rapper Wretch 32 turned in a brill performamnce that got the crowd going.

Can't believe one of our team down there actually thought it was singer Labyrinth who was on stage. Come on girls get it right – you’re just not down with the kids!

Daily Echo: Labyrinth
Note to staff: This is Labyrinth – not Wretch 32!

Thousands of people are now streaming towards Mayflower Park to await the arrival of the torch.

And believe it or not there seems to be some kind of blue thing appearing between the clouds.


The final torch bearer of the day, number 94, Gill Rose, 44, from Southampton, ran through Mayflower Park and received a huge round of applause when she set light to the cauldron – nice one.

The Olympic flame is alight in Southampton.


And the stage is now a rainbow of colours against the grey sky. Art Asia dhol drummers are here.

Dressed in yellow blue and pink they are drumming behind the burning cauldron.

Accoring to reporter Tara Russell they seem to be keeping the rain away. What an atmosphere!

Southampton "dancing in the street"!

The rock choir is drawing the celebrations to a close- and people jigging in the mud.

Daily Echo: The cauldron burns the Olympic flame as the Rock Choir perfomr
The cauldron burns the Olympic flame as the Rock Choir perform

That’s it! Ten hours after we started day 57 of the Olympic torch relay is over.

It’s time for an early bed as it all starts again at 6am at Southampton Guildhall tomorrow.

Then, the flame will leave the city and travel to Southampton airport for a flight to the Channel Islands.

But don’t worry it comes back tomorrow afternoon when it will go through Fareham and we can do it all over again.

Bring on Day 58!

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