AFTER 16 days of sporting triumph and glory in the Olympics , perhaps some people might have wanted to catch their breath.

Not so the hardy sailors and revellers at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week who continued the party after Sunday night’s closing ceremony.

Many people might have looked a little green around the gills yesterday morning, but it did not stop them taking the opportunity to get out on the water or to cheer on their favourites from the shore.

The added attraction of the aprèssail enticed them further to cross the water to Cowes Yacht Haven.

Dreary weather might have returned to these shores but that did not stop people heading down to the marina and soaking up the atmosphere.

Michelle Warner, sales and marketing director at Cowes, said: “There’s been so much euphoria in where everyone has been so pumped over the Olympics.

“There’s been so much pride, but that doesn’t stop with the Olympics ends. Our Olympics sailing team have done well and people are thinking ‘how can I get involved?’”

“This is the first major sporting event straight after the Games. We are really well positioned to benefit from all that euphoria.”

Some regular visitors did detect that this year’s festivities were taking their time to warm up.

William Billsier, 50, had come to Cowes with his friends from Essex on an annual trip but felt that the party still had to go up a few gears.

“It’s normally busier,” he said. “I think because of the Olympics people are still trying to get over the party. Cowes is very good, it’s a yearly thing for us, we enjoy it so much.

“We come for the sailing and the drinking. It’s a bit quiet today, normally this place is heaving.”

Tara Dougherty, 30, from Chicago in the US, said: “It’s been really interesting. When I was coming over on the ferry from Southampton you could already feel the buzz. There’s been a great vibe.”

Henry Wilkes, 53, from East Sussex, had been out on the water and was also soaking up the atmosphere at his first visit to the festival.

“It’s been great. I’m not a big sailing person but for me it was a great experience going out on the water.

“I was very much a passenger but it was still very good to be out there. The atmosphere has been pretty friendly and relaxed but also focused on the sailing.”

For one boy from Cowes, he wasn’t there for the sailing or the partying but for something else.

Jamie White, eight, said: “I have been eating the ice cream, it’s been really good fun.”