Chris Hobbs is hoping to put behind him the disappointment of missing out on a much anticipated rematch with Sam Couzens by landing a title shot in the new year.

Southampton’s former Army man, Hobbs, was due to be fighting Couzens in Portsmouth on Friday night in a mouth-watering rematch of their original contest which was scored a draw.

Both Hobbs, pictured, and Titchfield-based Couzens had spoken of their desire to put the record straight and pick up a victory second time around.

However, Couzens has now pulled out of the contest after talks and has since landed himself a title shot.

Hobbs though is hoping bigger and better things are just around the corner for him.

He said: “I was very gutted really as I wanted to fight but I’ve got to wait to see now. I’ve got a meeting this week and hopefully my next fight will be a title fight if all goes well in negotiations.”