Goal-line technology could be introduced at Saints next season, with the Premier League remaining hopeful of implementing it in time for the start of the 2013/14 campaign.

FIFA's announcement yesterday that it will introduce the technology for the first time at this year's Confederations Cup will have little bearing on the Premier League's schedule for its use in this country.

Plans have been in place since last year when the Premier League met with the two currently-licensed GLT companies, Hampshire-based firm Hawk-Eye and their rival GoalRef, to install the system at top-flight matches.

That could be as early as next season after successful tests at last December's Club World Cup in Japan.

While the Premier League is unwilling to set down an exact date for the system's first use - a tendering process between the GLT companies is still to begin - there is a desire to have it ready by August.

"The Premier League has been a long-term advocate for goal-line technology," a statement from the Premier League read.

"We have held discussions with FIFA licensed providers with a view to introducing it as soon as is practically possible."

One of the delaying factors in introducing a new system could be over the decision of which company to employ.

While both Hawk-Eye and Goal-Ref were used at the Club World Cup their co-existence was in order to test each against the other.

It is understood the Premier League would look to agree a deal with only one of the companies.

FIFA granted licenses to both last year, which prompted the Premier League to begin talks, but it is reported up to two new companies could be given the green light by April.

That could yet muddy the waters further of a Premier League decision.

In yesterday's statement FIFA welcomed tenders from "the GLT providers currently in the licensing process" as it determines who will host the technology at the Confederations Cup and World Cup.

One of the reported companies close to gaining a license is 'Cairos'.

The Premier League has long attempted to develop goal-line technology after first meeting with the Hawk-Eye developers in 2006.

The debate for goal-line technology has gathered pace since and was highlighted by Frank Lampard's 'goal' that was not given at the last World Cup against Germany.