Team Application Forms

All applications for teams to play in the Tyro under 11 section must be submitted by to the League secretary, Liam Lacey by 31st May 2008 at the latest. If you have not yet submitted a team application, these can be downloaded from the League Rules & Forms section of the website on the left hand menu. If you are a NEW club without any other teams playing in the Tyro league you must also submit the Club Application form also available on the rules & forms page. Any NEW clubs will be required to attend a vetting meeting prior to being accepted into the league. These meeting will take place in early June and you will receive your player registration forms at this meeting. Player Registration Forms Once your team application has been processed you will receive 15 Player Registration Forms and ID Cards for you to sign on players. These forms will all be sent out on the 31st May 2008 to your Club Secretary as stated on your team application form; this gives you 2 months to submit at least 9 registration forms. Each team must submit a minimum of 9 player registration forms by 1ts August 2008. Failure to comply with this rule could lead to your team's application being rejected by the age group section committee. The 2008/2009 Season It is proposed that the 2008/09 season will start on 7th September 2008. All teams will be expected to play on this day. There is a pre-season Managers meeting at the beginning of August, time & venue to be confirmed, you will be given all your fixtures and information that you will need for the season at this meeting. The leagues at Under 11 are seeded based on how well teams have done in the under 10 mini soccer league. If you did not play at mini soccer or have since changed your team name please email to inform the committee of what you did last season or what you were known as in mini soccer. We do not want teams placed in the wrong leagues so please be honest when giving details of last season. If you have not changed your name form Mini Soccer please DO NOT contact us telling us where you want to be placed, we will make the decision based on all the information that we have.