The Under 15 Representative trials will take place on 29th September 2007 at Coal Park Lane.

The amount of boys who entered into the trials this year was incredible, recording 87 interests.

The trials will be around 110 minutes long. Due to the number of players interested, we will be having 3 sessions. It will then be upto the management team to select 30 playeres for the second trial, the following week.

The trials will consist of a 20 minute warm up, followed by a match, where players are put in their positions.

Players are required to attend 30 minutes before hand for registration. There is car parking available. When arriving at the ground, please make your way over to the portable tent for registration. Refreshments will be available through out the day.

Session 1 - 09:00 (08:30 registration)
Gareth Hicks (Dougland Youth B)
Jake Plummer (Hedge End B)
Tim Adams (Dougland Youth B)
Rob O'Meara (BTC Southampton A
Dan Allen (Burridge Youth)
Alex Cole (Pace Youth)
Matt Doulton (Sarisbury Sparks)
James Newman (Earls FC)
Jamie Johnson (Earls FC)
Jamie Baker (St Francis)
George Sansom (Earls FC)
Louis Richardson (Burridge FC)
Dan Petley (Dougland Youth B)
Dan Morris (Sarisbury Sparks)
Liam Gallagher (Colden Common B)
Chris Ball (Hedge End B)
Luke Benali (Dougland Youth B)
Oliver Bond (Littleton Youth A)
Luke Andrews (Sarisbury Sparks)
James Furnish (Pace Youth)
Jake Draper (Chamberlayne Athletic)
Sam Scrace (Burridge Youth)
Jamie Mansell (BTC Southampton A)
Chris Chrzanowski (Pace Youth)
Tom Smith (Sky Blues)
Ben Winstanley (St Francis)
James Vane (Pace Youth)
Lewis Dixon (Sarisbury Sparks)

Session 2 - 11:00 (10.30 Registration)
Ross Ardley (BTC Southampton A)
Tom Dixon (Littleton Youth A)
Aaron Dunne (Alresford Town A)
Sullivan White (Warsash Wasps)
Nathan Buckle (Dougland Youth B)
Tom Oliver (Littleton Youth A)
Scott Felbrich (Hedge End B)
William Springthorpe (St Francis Rovers(
Luke Pothecary (Pace Youth)
William Gilbert (St Francis Rovers)
Sam Barton (Westwood Youth)
James King (Dougland Youth B)
Aiden Reed (Colden Common A)
Jonnie Browne (Colden Common B)
Chris Sullivan (Winchester JFC)
Max Gough (BTC Southampton A)
Lewis Henry (S & D)
Joseph Withey (Sarisbury Sparks)
Jared Gulliford (Chamberlayne Athletic)
Scott Faxett (Burridge Youth)
Tom Siley (Hedge End C)
Craig Harper (Chamberlayne Athletic)
Sam Statham (Winchester JFC)
Luke Richards (Burridge Youth)
Sam Henderson (Littleton Youth B)
Jamie Blyth (Earls FC)
Lewis Woodford (Chamberlayne Athletic)
Jamie Chalk (Hedge End B)
Chris Watkins(Colden Common B)

Session 3 - 13:45 (13.15 registration)
David Trim (Littleton Youth A)
Simon Jones (Warsash Wasps)
Dan Meader (Pace Youth)
Toby Logn (BTC Southampton A)
Ryan Merrick (S & D)
Jordan Freeman (Westwood Youth)
Ryan Bunney (Dougland Youth B)
Ashley Hibberd (Colden Common A)
Mitchell Tongs (BTC Southampton A)
James Shelley (Hedge End B)
Robbie Pemberton (Earls FC)
Jasper Browne (Littleton Youth A)
Travis Painter (Pace Youth)
Jake Joslin (Littleton Youth A)
Scott Anderson (Colden Common A)
Callum Tyrrell (Colden Common A)
Ricki Siblgy (Burridge Youth)
Joel Whale (Earls FC)
Ciran Nolan (Westwood Youth)
Nick Kidd (Littleton Youth A)
Callum Byrne (Westwood Youth)
Ben Hutchings (BTC Southampton A)
Oliver Webb (Colden Common A)
Matthew Taylor (Chamberlayne Athletic)
Jacob Woodford (Chamberlayne Athletic)
James Harley (Sarisbury Sparks)
Eamon Hart (Littleton Youth A)
George Berthonneau (Dougland Youth B)
Ben Dexter (Littleton Youth A)

I will look forward to welcoming you to Coal Park Lane on the 29th.

Yours in Football
Dan Wilson