WHAT are mums for? Sue Sellwood is so selfless that despite a burning desire to see Saints at Wembley she’s giving up the tickets she won from the Daily Echo.

Having promised both her Saints mad dad and son she would give them tickets if she got hold of them she has stuck to her word.

Beautician Sue, a mum of three, will watch the match from home with her youngest as her eldest Jamie, 20, already has a ticket and she is giving middle son Alex the ticket she has won.

Dibden Purlieu resident Alex, 13, will travel to the capital with granddad Tony Nixon a Saints supporter for decades.

Mum Sue said: “I really wanted to go but I promised I would give them to my middle son Alex and my dad because he hasn’t been to the new Wembley before.

“I still can’t believe I’ve won them I’m really excited for both of them.

“When I found out I’d won them I ran into my eldest son’s room and jumped on his bed.”