Nigel Adkins insists that Saints have no plans to loan any more players out this month.

The Football League’s emergency window closes next week, giving the club time to farm some of their peripheral players out if they wish.

But Adkins, who allowed Dan Seaborne to depart for Charlton on a temporary basis last week, has no intention of allowing the likes of Tadanari Lee and Steve De Ridder to leave.

“We’re not looking for any of those boys to go out,” he said.

“We’ve got a group of players now who are working hard and they all want to be in the starting XI.

“If they can’t, they want to be on the bench so they can come on and make an impact and contribute.

“The good thing is when we look at it, we know where we are in the league table. It has actually galvanised everybody and brought them closer together.”