Gaston Ramirez looks set to continue to have no fixed position to call his own.

The £12m man was used on the left, the right and in behind Rickie Lambert as Saints battled to a point at Fulham.

There is an increasing clamour for Ramirez to be given a run of games in the hole off of Lambert where he has looked most effective.

However, Adkins hinted he will continue to mix and match.

“We brought Gaston in in the summer and it takes a bit of time to adjust, but he’s got undoubted ability and we have to get him on the ball to show everyone the talent he has got,” he said.

“We can talk about trying to find a situation to effect the game.

“Gaston can play behind Rickie, he can play on the left wing, he can play on the right.

“At stages in the game you want to effect the game and get players in the game.

“Defensively, Riether getting forward in the first half hour gave us a little bit of an issue and probably led to the goal where Gaston wasn’t able to track him as he got down the wing.

“I changed him and Jason Puncheon over from a defensive point of view and that’s nullified the attacking threat of Riether and got us in the game a bit more.

“We wanted to play Steven Davis in off of Rickie to utilise the football and in the end I put Gaston in behind Rickie as well.

“You are forever making decisions to change things around to try and give yourselves an opportunity to win it.”

Saints did look a more threatening attacking prospect when Ramirez was moved into the hole behind Lambert at Fulham but when asked if he had decided on the best position for his star man Adkins replied: “Get him on the football. It’s one of them.

“He plays on the left hand side for Uruguay and with Adam being out for the last couple of games we’ve utilised him in that position.

“Again he can play as we have utilised him in behind Rickie.”