SAINTS fan Shona Brooks has called on all her fellow supporters to “get behind” new boss Mauricio Pochettino.

Brooks has emailed the Echo to say: “I would like to prove that not all Saints fans think the same; change is not always a bad thing.

“I am a season ticket holder who sits in the Itchen stand and whilst I was very shocked and almost saddened by the sacking of Adkins, I do not agree with all the fans who are calling our club a disgrace, a joke, starting protests etc.

Firstly, let’s not forget that we would not have a club if it wasn't for Liebherr and Cortese and anyone that was at the church for Liebherr's memorial would have seen how much the club, still, means to Cortese after Liebherr's sudden death and how hard he is going to work to make our club into something great. Secondly, is there ever a good time to sack a manager?? Let's not forget that Pardew was sacked from Saints after beating Bristol Rovers 4-0 and Cortese brought in, at the time, an unknown manager called Nigel Adkins. That was a really bad decision wasn't it?!?

Thirdly, we support a football club and not just one man. Our motto is 'together as one' and whilst we do not have Adkins in charge anymore, we need to get behind the new manager and support our team.

Managers and players come and go but a football team is forever.

Like I said, I was surprised by the timing of the sacking because I think we would have survived with Adkins till the end of the season.

But Cortese is there to make those decisions and who is to say that Pochettino would have been available at that time, at the end of the season?

You need to move quick in this game or you miss out.

I don't know too much about Pochettino, yet, but I will be getting behind him and the team on Monday night and showing my support.

If he's good enough for Mourihno, he's good enough for me.

Whilst I am truly grateful for everything Adkins has done for our football club and it will never be forgotten, we need to realise that times are changing.

Someone like Pochettino has a better chance of bringing in foreign players and getting our club back into European football.

Lastly, I'm sure there is no truth in the rumours of the players revolting under Pochettino because, let’s face it, if all the rumours that went round were true we would have signed about 10 goalkeepers, 25 defenders, 34 midfielders and 21 strikers last Summer.

I would agree with honouring Adkins with a minute’s applause on Monday night but protests will only harm the morale of the team and, in turn, possibly the results, so we would only be damaging our own club.

Champions League football does not happen overnight so let’s back the manager and team, starting Monday, and support the Saints.


Shona Brooks