FORMER Saints star Hughie Fisher is fearful the club's best players could follow chairman Nicola Cortese out of the St Mary's exit door.

"We’re all in the dark really nobody knows what is fully going on," said the 1970s midfielder.

"But it looks like the man at the helm (Mauricio Pochettino) will go – all media outlets, what everybody’s been saying, points to that.”

“It will be an uncertain time for the players, they will be wondering what is going on."

Fisher added: “There has got to be concerns about other teams striking fast for the players, especially the left back (Luke Shaw). They will be circling and will want to sign the best ones at the club.”

“I just hope it doesn’t trouble the progress of the team on the pitch, they’ve been doing so well it would be a huge shame to take steps backwards.

“The club will continue - it has been through its fair share of problems in the past and things change all the time in football.”