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West Bromwich Albion 0-1 Southampton - as it happened

Last updated:

Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author

Peter Howard, Sports Reporter

    WEST BROM 0-1 (Clasie 25) SAINTS - kick-off 3pm
  • SAINTS: Forster, Cedric, Yoshida, Stephens, Bertrand, Clasie (Reed 84), Hojbjerg, Ward-Prowse (McQueen 71), Tadic, Redmond (Sims 71), Long. SUBS: Hassen, Caceres, Pied, Rodriguez.
  • WEST BROM: Foster, Dawson, McAuley (Brunt 53), Evans, Nyom, Fletcher (Robson-Kanu 65), Livermore, Morrison, Phillips (McClean 63), Chadli, Rondon. SUBS: Myhill, M Wilson, Yacob, Field.
  • REF: Chris Kavanagh


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Tiger MadMan 1:22pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Update: West Brom 4 Southampton 1 full time.

Score: 0
Wee Gordon's Yoghurt Replying Tiger MadMan 4:56pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Good call, Nostradamarse.

Score: 2
warrens 76 Replying Tiger MadMan 5:17pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Update you and sheila are muggy c*unts..

Score: 3
Tiger MadMan Replying warrens 76 10:09am Sun 9 Apr 17

I agree sheila is a muggy cunz, but i put up my prediction of what i thought yesterdays result would be, not what i wanted it to be so f*** off you nobody.

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet Replying Tiger MadMan 12:40pm Sun 9 Apr 17

You're Ray Winstone aren't you! :0)
Bet NAAAR !!

Last edited: 12:42pm Sun 9 Apr 17

Score: 0
Beer Monster Replying Positively4thStreet 1:20pm Mon 10 Apr 17

Sorry Pos, but that's being disrespectful to Ray.

Score: 0
[deleted] 1:36pm Sat 8 Apr 17
Score: 0
matts granddad 1:47pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Like to see martin make his debut in defensive midfield this afternoon. Saints to win 3.1 COYR

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint 1:50pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Strasbourg siging in.

Sad that the first comment on here today is from a skate. Oh well! Best ignored from here onwards! However, I was thinking of them earlier when thinking about our injury crisis.

Here's a team (of 10) that are definitely, probably or possibly missing today:
McCarthy, Targett, Bertrand, Van Dijk, Pied, Romeu, Davis, Boufal, Austin, Gabiadini.

What we could do with them all fit, eh? Any one of them would not only walk into the skate's first 11 but would be the absolute star. Only 20 miles separates us in distance but the gap in class is light years!

Anyway, it's sunny here too; here's hoping, despite the injuries, we can get the win that will close the gap on 8th.

Score: 6
Strasbourg Saint Replying Strasbourg Saint 2:04pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Well, 8 of those 10 miss out, Bertrand is fit and, perhaps passing under the radar, Pied makes the bench.

Score: 0
Dorssaints Replying Strasbourg Saint 2:09pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Heard a rumour that Gardos was nearly fit enough to make the bench. The bench of the team of players missing the game.

Score: 1
Strasbourg Saint Replying Dorssaints 2:42pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Ha! You could be right there, Dors!

Score: 0
Mush On The Beach Replying Strasbourg Saint 2:13pm Sat 8 Apr 17

G’day Strassie, your premiership winning Bulldogs have just been taught a lesson by my bottom of the table Dockers ... Don’t you just love the unpredictability of sport?

Even the skunts might snag a promotion from the 4th division this year ... crazy.

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint Replying Mush On The Beach 2:45pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Congrates to Freemantle, Mush. I missed it but it looks like the best team won that match. Can't see the Bulldogs winning it this year to be honest.

Score: 0
[deleted] 3:28pm Sat 8 Apr 17
Score: 0
Mush On The Beach 2:00pm Sat 8 Apr 17

G’day all, I'm hoping for a confident performance to back up our last outing which was a great result considering the recent form of Palace. Tony Pulis teams are based on organisation above any imagination, he is the football entertainment anti-christ.
I’m hoping Claude sets us up to be adventurous, but obviously BEWARE of the set piece . COYR!

Score: 0
[deleted] 2:12pm Sat 8 Apr 17
Score: 0
bloemies 2:41pm Sat 8 Apr 17

I am generally a supporter of Claude Puel , but he has made a selection error here. Martin Cascares should have started, to counter the well-known set piece dominance of West Brom. With a goalkeeper as static as Fraser we need the experience of Cascares in the centre. I would have left out Hojbjerg........

Score: 2
Mush On The Beach Replying bloemies 2:57pm Sat 8 Apr 17

I posted previously my thoughts on this one that he is just an insurance policy and will not be here next season and so Puel feels no need to play him unless necessity dictates .... shame.

Score: 1
saintsOK Replying Mush On The Beach 4:01pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Or he could play Cascares with VVD next season.

Score: 2
Mush On The Beach Replying saintsOK 4:51pm Sat 8 Apr 17

How much do you to want to bet on it? ... You know that’s never going to happen ... I’ll be nice and won’t take your easy money.

Score: 0
saintsOK Replying Mush On The Beach 5:01pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Oh, it was said very much with tongue in cheek.
A bit of irony never hurt anyone.

Score: 1
I8SKATE Replying bloemies 4:36pm Sat 8 Apr 17

BULL!! Casceres has floated in as cover, why should we drop our own players for someone who will be gone again in the summer? Hojbjerg deserves his chance and he's played well. Square pegs in round holes is not the way forward.

Score: 1
WTFILN@PFC 2:55pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Come on saints, midfield should be full of confidence after 3 days ago, would like to finally see a hojbjerg 30 yard screamer nestle in the top corner, followed by a Claisse screamer too! Got a good feeling about today! COYS

Score: 1
zurichboy Replying WTFILN@PFC 3:27pm Sat 8 Apr 17

"a Claisse screamer too." ... Who's a clever boy then....

Last edited: 1:32pm Mon 10 Apr 17

Score: 3
WTFILN@PFC Replying zurichboy 3:48pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Just Pierre to go now 😊

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint 2:59pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Well, this is awkward, I have Saints on one live thread and Racing Strasbourg playing at Reims on another. What to do!!!!!!?????

I guess, taking into account that there are never any problems, only solutions, the only way to solve this problem will be to have a pint of Old Peculiar in one hand and a tin of Kronenbourg 1664 in the other.


Score: 2
Mush On The Beach Replying Strasbourg Saint 3:02pm Sat 8 Apr 17


Score: 1
forlorn 3:19pm Sat 8 Apr 17

As the commentator said - pretty but no penetration.

Score: 0
zurichboy Replying forlorn 3:26pm Sat 8 Apr 17

All change....

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 3:26pm Sat 8 Apr 17

That was classy.

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint Replying Positively4thStreet 3:31pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Sweet! Celebrating with a sip or two of Old Peculiar. Should have had some Heineken on tap!

Score: 1
Positively4thStreet Replying Strasbourg Saint 3:38pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Ah, Old Peculiar, so good, they named it after me.
(No prizes for guessing who they named Doombar after) . :0)

Score: 1
Strasbourg Saint Replying Positively4thStreet 4:09pm Sat 8 Apr 17

That's seriously funny, Pos! Word has it, Old Thumper is a tribute beer to Jim steele.

Score: 3
forlorn 3:30pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Congrats Classie. Superb goal from direct unfussy attacking. Hope we can build on this.

Score: 0
DisplacedFan 3:31pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Saints dominating. Well done Shane setting up Clasie.

Score: 1
Mush On The Beach 3:32pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Clasie finish, God I want him to succeed with us.

Score: 3
Strasbourg Saint 4:19pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Is it me or have all of West Brom's best attacks come from sloppy, backwards passes by our midfield?

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet Replying Strasbourg Saint 4:45pm Sat 8 Apr 17

I have assumed the lotus position to help me survive the last five minutes.

Score: 0
forlorn 3:40pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Long piddling about as usual. Should have stayed on his feet. Good save by Forster.

Score: 6
zurichboy Replying forlorn 3:45pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Have to admit, albeit against my better judgement, it was a great save... good lad. Hope that gives him a bit of confidence now.

Score: 0
angiemill 3:42pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Couldn't be happier for JC, a great player who has, for a variety of reasons, not realised his full potential at Saints. Onwards and upwards Jordan.

Score: 6
Mush On The Beach 3:48pm Sat 8 Apr 17

There is only one team trying to play football ... well done our boys

Score: 1
forlorn 3:49pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Promising first half display. Lots of neat passing but could do with more penetration to put West Brom under serious pressure. One goal is not likely to be enough. West Brom will presumably pick up the pace in the second half. Don't want an away draw here. Away win is a must.

Score: 7
southcoast67 3:57pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Boufal vvd Austin gabbi 8th those all fit surely top six here we come

Score: 0
Soccerbollocks 3:57pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Great 1st Half! Great goal! Great Performance! Great to Watch! Well done Saints, more of the same and more goals for 2nd half please thank you.

Score: 5
warrens 76 Replying Soccerbollocks 4:03pm Sat 8 Apr 17

If we can play both halfs that way..well wow.
THAT is the most dominant I have seen us all season and we look 6 places better than WBA for now.

Score: 5
Strasbourg Saint Replying warrens 76 4:12pm Sat 8 Apr 17

You back home yet?

Score: 1
warrens 76 Replying Strasbourg Saint 5:08pm Sat 8 Apr 17

No..and thrice no...we have a nibble on the house, if so will be back here in a blink..5th straight day of fresh seafood...mmmm.

Forster good game, good game, he needed that, put the England number 3 in his place to boot.

Last edited: 5:21pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Score: 1
Strasbourg Saint Replying warrens 76 5:27pm Sat 8 Apr 17

It's sunny over here but I'm still as jealous as street sleeper munching a turnip looking through the window at The Savoy.


Last edited: 6:50am Sun 9 Apr 17

Score: 1
Tiger MadMan Replying Strasbourg Saint 10:14am Sun 9 Apr 17

He doesn't go to games, just chats sh1te on here...

Score: 0
saintsOK 3:58pm Sat 8 Apr 17

In Puel we Trust.
Good decision to play Jordy.

Score: 2
forlorn 4:16pm Sat 8 Apr 17

We need a second goal soon to put this game to bed.

Score: 4
forlorn 4:31pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Two inexperienced players - McQueen and Sims - brought on at a vital stage of the game. Risky.

Score: 0
Dorssaints Replying forlorn 4:40pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Should have brought Caceres on as def. midfielder but in Puel we trust

Score: 1
Frankie Bennett Replying forlorn 6:46pm Sat 8 Apr 17


Score: 0
Mush On The Beach 4:42pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Saints fans sound great and dominating in stereo here in Australia .... well done gang.

Score: 0
zurichboy 4:44pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Playing a risky game at the moment. A bit careless and relatively cold subs coming on at a critical time of the game.

Last edited: 4:44pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 4:51pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Well done Fraser!

Score: 1
forlorn 4:51pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Fantastic point blank save by Forster.

Score: 4
Positively4thStreet 4:54pm Sat 8 Apr 17

That'll do nicely!

Score: 1
RisingSon Replying Positively4thStreet 5:01pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Very nicely indeed. Just imagine if one of our injured strikers had played today (uninjured, of course).

Score: 0
saintsOK 4:57pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Well done Puel and the boys.
Pleased for Jordy and Fraser.

Score: 4
Mush On The Beach 4:57pm Sat 8 Apr 17

And here endeth the SFC footballing lesson, I feel a song coming on ....

Pulis is a w@nker, he wears a w@nkers hat, and when he turns it back to front he looks a f@ckin tw@t.

Score: 5
Strasbourg Saint 4:58pm Sat 8 Apr 17

I think we can safely say that Fraser has his chutzpah back. 🤗

Score: 5
RisingSon Replying Strasbourg Saint 5:05pm Sat 8 Apr 17

And his mojo.

Score: 3
Strasbourg Saint Replying RisingSon 5:19pm Sat 8 Apr 17

And his confidence. (Your turn, RS.)

Score: 1
RisingSon Replying Strasbourg Saint 5:23pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Erm ... Yes, well ... his form.

Score: 0
Strasbourg Saint Replying RisingSon 5:29pm Sat 8 Apr 17

I lost a form this week. Luckily, it turned up with a load of other paperwork. True story!

Score: 0
forlorn 4:58pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Very pleasing away win for Saints. Everybody looked fully motivated and focused. Our defence was magnificent under pressure. Yoshida and Forster were outstanding. We have some very tough matches coming up and I hope this important win will boost our confidence. Congrats to the players and Claude Puel.

Score: 5
kaido Replying forlorn 5:07pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Let's hope Everton start losing and we manage to pick up some points from the matches we have with the top four.

Everton think they're home and dry up there in 7th place but lose to Leicester and have a run of poor form and the pressure will really be on them.

Last edited: 8:03pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Score: 1
under the west stand 5:04pm Sat 8 Apr 17

I thought we started well, better than I had hoped with one criticism. Trying to make an extra pass in and around the box instead of taking responsibility for a shot.
We played 12 men AGAIN not just in sly elbows and shoulders going unpunished along with other blatantly poor decisions but he cut off a lot of passing options too.
2nd half we completely lost our way. Inevitable to a certain extent not sure about the the substitutions.
Redmond was having one of his better days.
In the end Forster picked a good day to look like a premiership goalkeeper and without him it may have been 1 - 5.

Learn from that Puel, we got lucky.
But its about time.

Score: 0
saintsOK 5:08pm Sat 8 Apr 17

A tip for the Grand National:
There's a 50/1 outsider called Creosote.
It's good over fences.

Score: 1
Positively4thStreet Replying saintsOK 5:13pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Smells nice too.

Score: 0
warrens 76 Replying saintsOK 5:13pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Plank! wood you believe it, gives me shingles, I won't shed a tear, there's 'kennel I can do about it..

Score: 1

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