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Southampton 0-3 Manchester City - as it happened

Last updated:

    SAINTS 0-3 CITY (Kompany 55, Sane 78, Aguero 80)- kick-off 5.30pm
  • SAINTS: Forster, Cedric, Stephens, Yoshida, Bertrand, Hojbjerg, Davis, Ward-Prowse (Long 60 (Rodriguez 82)) , Tadic, Redmond, Gabbiadini (Boufal 60). Subs: Hassen, Caceres, Martina, Clasie.
  • MAN CITY: Bravo, Clichy, Kompany (c), Otamendi, Fernandinho, Toure, Sane (Sterling 86), Silva (Zabaleta 82), De Bruyne, Navas, Aguero (Iheanacho 88). Subs: Caballero , Kolarov, Fernando, A. Garcia.
  • Ref: Neil Swarbrick


up saints 4:12pm Sat 15 Apr 17
i hope long starts he may not find the back of the net but he makes space for others
Score: 0
Michigan-Saint Replying up saints 4:36pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Line-up posted is as expected. 🖒
Score: 0
mack chinnon 4:21pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Anybody know who the minutes silence is for today.
Score: 0
Michigan-Saint Replying mack chinnon 4:25pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Hillsborough 28 years ago?
Score: 0
Michigan-Saint 4:21pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Checking in from the Motor City. Happy Easter all and enjoy a great game today. Saints 3-1.🖒😎
Score: 0
Rocket 1 4:24pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Come On Saints, keep up the Good work of the Last couple of Games, Good Luck, I think 2-0 Saints..
Score: 0
george chivers 5:00pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Nice to see Gabbi back. 2-1 Saints.
Score: 0
ChristchurchSaint 5:03pm Sat 15 Apr 17
I might be being a bit naive here, but why is Martina on the bench? If, as expected he is not offered a new contract, then he will leave. Would it not make more sense to put somebody like Sam McQueen in his place?
Score: 0
Homeport 5:03pm Sat 15 Apr 17
I see again the normal 24per cent lose is always present from, yea, you guessed!!!
Score: 0
Positively4thStreet 5:26pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Has the automatic electronic penalty spot divot button been pre match tested yet?
Score: 0
zurichboy Replying Positively4thStreet 5:54pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Just about where Tadic skied over from.....
Score: 0
Positively4thStreet Replying zurichboy 7:45pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Might've been different if it'd been Tadic to Gabbers.
Score: 0
under the west stand 5:54pm Sat 15 Apr 17
I don't like us sitting this deep and inviting them in. It's asking for trouble especially when you give the ball back to them every time you string 2 passes together. Could be a long 90 minutes. I can see what the plan is on the break but we aren't anywhere near good enough at the moment to make it pay.
Score: 0
zurichboy Replying under the west stand 6:06pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Have to agree, can't allow them so much possession and not expect them to score at some stage.
Score: 0
forlorn 6:03pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Our lads are little more than spectators. Have to find a way to get into this game.
Score: 0
forlorn 6:07pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Forster incredibly lucky not to have given away a penalty.
Score: 0
zurichboy Replying forlorn 6:11pm Sat 15 Apr 17
About time something went our way in that respect.
Score: 0
under the west stand Replying zurichboy 6:30pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Just watched from the multiple angles and Forster appears to have got the slightest of touches on the ball but not enough to change the direction which was from Sane's heavy touch. The pundits are still calling it a penalty but if you factor in that Sane was being a little clever and then didn't protest when he got up, I'd say it was the right decision.
Score: 0
Positively4thStreet Replying forlorn 7:50pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Rubbish, it wasn't a pen. Fraser tipped it, and then his hand dropped to the deck to avoid the oncoming players leg; what was he supposed to do, bury his hand in the turf?
Score: 0
dadofmy3sons 6:08pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Don't see this being last game on MotD on the action so far, even at 0 - 0 !
Score: 0
forlorn 6:14pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Nasty tackle by Ryan. Lucky not to have yellow or even red for that. Looks like the ref decisions are going our way...
Score: 0
under the west stand 6:17pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Sometimes I don't recognise our team. I hate the sort of challenge Bertrand just made and find it uncharacteristic. Can't see Hojbjerg finishing this game without a 2nd yellow.
Score: 0
saintsOK 6:18pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Well, we have 41pts as it stands. Which is the only thing of note going into Half-Time.
Score: 0
SaintBabe 6:35pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Come on boys! I know we are playing one of the biggest clubs in the world but we should be doing a lot better, are sitting too deep! Just off to get a pie and give some hand relief to the hubby in the toilets before the game re-starts, hopefully it should relieve the tension !

Last edited: 6:36pm Sat 15 Apr 17

Score: 0
forlorn Replying SaintBabe 6:41pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Score: 0
mack chinnon 6:42pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Arse- Banjo.👎
Score: 0
under the west stand 6:43pm Sat 15 Apr 17
And then it goes straight through Forster like he's a ghost. We've been asking for it.

Last edited: 6:43pm Sat 15 Apr 17

Score: 0
forlorn 6:43pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Forster should have saved that. Right at him. Gabbi goes off. Replaced by that well-known goalscoring ace Long....Gabbi wasted today. Non-existent service to him. Shameful. This is too easy for City. We're not putting them under any pressure. Gutless performance so far.

Last edited: 6:49pm Sat 15 Apr 17

Score: 0
under the west stand 6:56pm Sat 15 Apr 17
We are basically being hammered at just 1-0. Is it just me or are City knocking the ball to the nearest advancing spare man then slicing open our defence while we are going side ways and backwards with too many touches (as usual) until the threat has gone? I don't understand the double substitution either. I'd have liked to see Boufal trying to feed Gabbiadini for a while first.
Score: 0
forlorn Replying under the west stand 6:58pm Sat 15 Apr 17
While Gabbi was playing we had at least a remote chance of scoring. But that's Puel for you. Clueless at this level. Get rid.
Score: 0
peregrine73 Replying forlorn 7:33pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Clod continues to show little tactical awareness and forward looking vision,with him remaining in charge of Saints there can only be more of today's misery, dreary uninspiring play and further sliding into mediocrity.

Last edited: 7:34pm Sat 15 Apr 17

Score: 0
forlorn 7:07pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Our lads were made to look like numpties by that counter attack goal. That would never have happened with Fonte, Toby, Virgil in defence. Firkin shambles.
Score: 1
Tyke15 Replying forlorn 7:46pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Itwould Ave with Fonte
Score: 0
forlorn 7:08pm Sat 15 Apr 17
0-3. This is embarrassing. What a useless shower. Stop their wages. Long goes off with ankle probs. That's him done for the rest of the season. Lazy incredibly well paid days ahead for Shane. Nice work if you can get it.

Last edited: 7:36pm Sat 15 Apr 17

Score: 1
bakeyboy 7:18pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Roll on the Chinese takeover!
Score: 0
Beer Monster Replying bakeyboy 4:28pm Mon 17 Apr 17
Oh well...
Score: 0
saintsOK 7:22pm Sat 15 Apr 17
I get the impression Caceres has impressed Puel and he is the replacement for VVD next season. That's the only reason I can see for not playing Caceres. That and if he plays well another club will pinch him off us just like the Toby situation.
Score: 3
under the west stand 7:23pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Forget city's wealth and quality... For me, we shouldn't have more than 4 players score less than 8 and our scores today out of 10 in general? I think Forster = 6 Cedric = 6 Stevens = 4 Yoshida = 5 Bertrand = 6 Ward - Prowse = 5 Hojbjerg = 5 Davis = 6.5 Redmond = 6 Tadic = 6 Gabbiadini = 6 Long = 5 Boufal = 6 Rodriguez = 5 Puel = 2 Caceres ( WTF have I got to do to get off the bench) = 8
Score: 1
Tyke15 Replying under the west stand 7:36pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Tadic 4 Hojberg 3 Ward Prowse 4 never hits the goal Davis 5
Score: 1
Crossley Place Saint 7:23pm Sat 15 Apr 17
A most unseasonal bout of flu means my seat is empty and I am at home here in Crossley Place watching on TV. Boys against men today I'm afraid. Still, our new Asian bookmaker sponsors have probably turned over a fortune in bets...
Score: 1
pn007 7:24pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Mediocre at best and that is being very kind absolute drivel at worst and the club have a lot to work on behind the scenes this summer to back the manager. I want to see us make the next huge step sadly will never happen without serious investment but nowhere near high profile enough
Score: 5
RisingSon 7:25pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Score: 1
Positively4thStreet Replying RisingSon 7:58pm Sat 15 Apr 17
The result was disappointing, but the performance was as good as we could expect, against a team like City, but it was all over at 0 - 1, the best we could have hoped for was a nil nil. A win was about as unlikely as forlorn being a Southampton fan.

Last edited: 4:28pm Mon 17 Apr 17

Score: 3
[deleted] 7:28pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Score: 0
SaintBabe 7:31pm Sat 15 Apr 17
OMG so disappointing. We kept our shape and stayed compact but we kept letting De Bruyne space down the right. The hubby is obviously not happy, he gave me a lovely pearl necklace after the match and is now nice and relaxed. A real shame about the result of the match.
Score: 0
Tyke15 7:31pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Just lost 90 mins of my life watching the most one sided match ever against 11 players 6 of which should be ashamed to pick up their wages
Score: 7
[deleted] 7:45pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Score: 0
Tree-Stump 7:46pm Sat 15 Apr 17
Phew, thank Gawd that game is out the way. Am I glad we got 40 pts already. Wouldn't want to rely on a game like that for PL survival. And to think next season Man City will be able to buy the PL with the money Pep will have to spend. Sad to say but we will not finish in 8th place this season. Chelsea next. Oh sh1t.
Score: 3
Beer Monster Replying Tree-Stump 4:29pm Mon 17 Apr 17
Maybe not as bad as one might expect after yesterday?
Score: 0

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