NIGEL Adkins admitted he felt Saints could have got three points after playing for so long against ten men at West Ham but was content with a draw.

Saints were under massive pressure at the start of the game and eventually fell behind from the penalty spot but, with Matt Taylor sent off in the melee that followed the award of the spot kick, Adkins’ men had a chance to overtake the Hammers and leapfrog them into first place.

However, after taking until 75 minutes to bag an equaliser, Adkins was left to reflect that four points against West Ham over the season was a good haul.

He said: “There were some interesting decisions for the officials to make and the linesman has backed the referee up as well and I think the linesman’s given the first penalty.

“In the cold light of day we’ve gone 1-0 down from a penalty and we’ve had good opportunities over the course of the game to go and win it and we had to break down the opposition who have defended resolutely throughout the game.

“I’m sure they were happy to get the point whereas you think with us having the extra man on the pitch for a longer period of time and the chances we did present we would probably turn round and say we didn’t get the three points that we wanted.

“But you look at the start of the season and if we could take four points from them you would probably think that was a good haul of points.”

In a cracking game full of incident, both managers were disagreeing about refereeing decision, albeit Adkins was remaining typically diplomatic.

He did however confess he didn’t believe the West Ham penalty should have been given and Saints should have got one for a second half handball.

“He never touched him. My view on the pitch was it wasn’t a penalty,”

said Adkins, whose side remain a point behind West Ham with the Hammers boasting a game in hand.

“I’ve tried to look at the video but the two angles I’ve looked at are inconclusive but does suggest he didn’t touch him.

“In my opinion it was not a penalty.”

He added: “The referee has made a call and he’s not seen a handball that I thought was a clear handball when Jose Fonte got in a header and I’m the only one jumping up and down.

“I’ve seen the video and it’s a clear penalty for us and the referee and the officials have not seen that.

“Sam was appealing for a couple of penalties as well which I didn’t see so I was unaware of those.

“I’ve asked a few questions and one might have been and one definitely wasn’t so the officials have had an interesting evening.”