MYSTERY surrounds the sudden halt of work at Saints' training ground.

The Staplewood complex has been undergoing a multi-million pound renovation scheme in recent months, after planning approval for a major overhaul was granted earlier this year.

However, it was reported today that work has temporarily stopped due to an issue between the club and the contractors, construction company Leadbitter.

As yet, there is no confirmation of the reason for the delay, or how quickly work will resume.

The first plans for the redevelopment of Staplewood were revealed back in 2009 to form part of the club’s 125th anniversary season, in 2010/11.

However, Saints ditched those proposals and submitted a new “bigger and better” scheme in late 2010, which was approved by New Forest District Council.

The ground work has already been completed, with what the club described as “phase two” of the project beginning earlier this year.

The scheme will see a new football development and support centre constructed at Staplewood.

It will include a medical centre, players’ lounge and offices for coaching and administrative staff, as well as other facilities.

The pitches and stands are also due to be upgraded. The existing buildings have been demolished, with only the indoor pitch, known as 'the dome' remaining as part of the redeveloped facility.

Saints have said previously that the work is set to be completed in June 2013.