MARK Wotte has told the Daily Echo it would have been “excellent” if the club’s former majority shareholders had got on.

As it was, Rupert Lowe, Michael Wilde and Leon Crouch hardly ever agreed on anything.

The story of the trio’s involvement with the club since 2006 is a sorry one of blame and counter-blame.

Wotte admits he did grow tired of all the off-the-field squabbles.

“I’m not saying we lost games because of that but it’s not helping to having a plan for the future or to secure the financial situation,”

he said.

“The best thing would have been if Crouch, Wilde and Rupert Lowe were three friends co-operating with each other to have a better financial future for the club.

“It would have been excellent but it was impossible after seeing what had happened in the past – it was like a soap.

“But it would have been much better for the club if the three were good friends and pooled their resources to build this club up for a better future.

“But that was impossible.

“I hope, whatever happens, we have some stability and continuity in the club.”