SNOODS are not really something you see in lower league football – and they are not something you will be seeing much more of full stop.

This is because the FIFA bigwigs have got together this weekend and decreed that the snood must be banned at a meeting of the International Football Association Board I am glad Sepp Blatter et al are tackling the big issues facing football across the world.

The fact that a player wants to wear an odd hood/scarf combination is surely the most important thing in the game today.

Some people might think it was the run-away amounts of money at the top of the game, smaller clubs continually struggling to stay alive or the treatment of referees.

No, it’s a bit of cloth.

Ah sorry, I stand corrected - there is one other huge issue facing the game that has to be addressed at a five star resort, spa and golf course in Wales – the use of square goal posts.

Well, this thing must be stamped out of the game immediately.

Clubs using square posts rather than cylindrical ones are ruining the game for everyone.

Okay, I’ve somewhat overdone the sarcasm and flippancy, and while I appreciate these rules are being made for a reason, it is the continual ignoring of the issues that directly impact upon the billions of football fans across the world in favour of frivolous things that highlights how distant the powers-that-be are from the fanbase.

At Celtic Manor, they will apparently discuss goalline technology – something I’m in favour of and that has done no harm to rugby or tennis.

However, I fear it will be nothing more than lip service before rejecting it out of hand, as the game continues to ignore the bright lights of the 21st century.