What a day.

It was too hot yesterday to get on the bike but today, it was cloudy and somewhat less warm. So, having had the bike fixed (curse you!), I leapt upon it and decided to cycle around the outermost path of the Common.

Did you know there are hills?! Having never cycled around the place, I had no idea that there was anything of a serious incline... I mean obviously the main Coronation route is a little bit... you know, upwards... There are hillocks, knolls and bumps but a steady uprising? Clearly there are things that as a pedestrian I have gravely missed.

Out on the outskirts, darkness prevails. The woodland narrows and the roads murmur but nothing is to be seen. Crows fight, pigeons amble, something stirs in the bushes and a man stands in the middle of the path fiddling with his phone oblivious to my sweaty pedalling but nevertheless in the way.

My last length of Common was coming down the Coronation Drive and it was wonderful. Wind in my hair, a great view of the field, some young badminton players (between a row of trees so no one would see them), and by the boating pond, a smallish child waved at me, undoubtedly in an attempt to surprise me and to de-bike my hurtling figure. I stayed on though, and am quite proud of the fact.

Would I recommend cycling around the Common? Absolutely. But don't be surprised at the hills. They really are there. Really.