The government says it is considering clamping down on parents who take their children out of school for holidays during term time.

Not on they say. Parents - naughty, naughty, parents - who are struggling to make ends meet thanks to the idiocy of successive governments in running the British economy - shouldn't try to save pennies and take a week or two out of term time when children should be in class learning.

It matters so much that children spend every waking minute they can being taught by those dedicated teachers who - apart from the days they take when they feel like it to send children home so that hard working parents have to take time off and lose money to look after them while they under go training (eh?)- are always there in class.

That will be the teachers and lecturers who get three times as much holiday as everyone else then.

Why do I think that this is more about teachers being envious that parents with jobs that only get five weeks holiday are saving a bit of cash taking breaks at times poor teachers cannot?

Or perhaps I am just being bitter - which is silly really, as my own children, who we took out of school in term time every year of their school lives for holidays and who did very well, are now old enough not to be affected by this draconian, spiteful move by a ruling class that is so rich it doesn't blink an eye at the cost of its annual holiday to the Maldives and lost touch with normal working folk long, long ago.

It doesn't bother me, so why worry.