If the image of so many of our senior politicians cow-towing to Lord Justice Leveson when appearing at his enquiry into the state of the media fills you with a warm glow, it shouldn’t .

When Labour leader Ed Miliband gushes that his party will follow slavishly any decisions the good judge comes to with regard to laws to enfeeble the press, you should be very wary.

When past prime ministers of whatever colour invite the good judge to impose laws on the media, you should both look for real motives and question who such pleading ultimately serves.

Heart warming as it may appear to see the great of the land in the world of politics, press and the police humbled before a smirking lead barrister and a kangaroo court, remember in this country it is you the people who have the power; not the press, not the police and no, not even the judges.

You may not, for good reason, have much time for the media – although a free press is your best defence against tyranny and corruption – and politicians as a breed may have tarnished their reputation. But take care to rub your hands with glee when your chosen representatives are dictated to by an unelected lawyer.

Reform the systems yes, but let Parliament decide what should be done.

Shame on those politicians who are willing to pander to the public gallery and promise to do the bidding of a judge when they should be saying they will listen to his advice but in the end they, your representatives, will decide what laws will be created in this country.