Shopping could leave me prone to nice lie down

Daily Echo:

5:20pm Friday 11th April 2014

THE proposed new look for the latest phase of the West Quay shopping development – The Watermark – appears stunning, as this paper revealed yesterday.

Uneasy at idea of Miller witch-hunt

Daily Echo: Maria Miller

5:27pm Friday 11th April 2014

I AM determined not to gloat over Maria Miller.

Help me to save the BBC - from itself

Daily Echo: Broadcasting House in central London will be served by cable from Bailey Teswaine.

5:26pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

I’m thinking of launching a new campaign to save the BBC.

Living wage looks fair - but is it fair for all?

Daily Echo: Tax frozen

5:11pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

On the face of it, a proposal by Hampshire County Council to pay all of its staff at least the so-called Living Wage sounds reasonable.

Tum turns heads - but will Chris Huhne care that much?

Daily Echo: Wife of disgraced MP released from jail

10:55am Tuesday 4th March 2014

Not certain what former Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne will made of the snap of him in his shorts strolling hand in hand along a tropical beach with his partner Carina Trimingham that appeared in a national newspaper.

Sorry, this exhibition leaves me all at sea

Daily Echo: Sorry, this exhibition leaves me all at sea

7:10pm Friday 28th February 2014

THERE’S a chap to be seen wandering around a number of corridors in Southampton’s SeaCity Museum that frankly I’m quite concerned about.

The nanny state paddles in

Daily Echo: The nanny state paddles in

12:49pm Friday 14th February 2014

IS THERE a connection between the proposed ban on smoking in cars with children and our reaction to the ongoing floods?

Who can say if Cortese will return - but I wouldn't rule it out

Daily Echo: Nicola Cortese

6:48pm Friday 17th January 2014

Will Nicola Cortese return to the Saints?

We're in a jam - and this is no way to run a city

Daily Echo: New city council leader Cllr Jacqui Rayment

6:46pm Friday 17th January 2014

That’s it then. We can all rest easy. The city is in safe hands again and a repeat of the traffic disaster that brought whole swathes of Southampton to a standstill for several hours last Friday is off the cards.

Vive la difference - or maybe not so different after all

Daily Echo: Gvs and a Q& A with Labour leader Ed Miliband and Francois Hollande from The Socialist Party in France

6:43pm Friday 17th January 2014

The French are a different race to us.

Time to teach our children life on TV is not reality - and often not very funny

Daily Echo: Blackadder

10:47am Tuesday 7th January 2014

As with plenty of battles, when the fighting dies down and shooting stops, the reasons for starting the conflict in the first place seem to get lost amid the thunder flashes and wiz-bangs.

How the Liver Birds could solve the housing crisis

Daily Echo: FLATMATES Polly James (right) and Nerys Hughes in the Liver Birds

4:05pm Friday 3rd January 2014

THE new year appears to have begun with a concerted push by the Government to underscore its initiatives to boost the housing market.

All I want for 2014

Daily Echo: 10,000 enjoy fireworks spectacular

2:42pm Tuesday 31st December 2013

It’s a little late for my Christmas wishes to come true – but there’s still time for a few New Year Here’s- Hoping suggestions for 2014.

Family from hell? Or the council that doesn't care?

Daily Echo: Police investigated 'family from hell'

9:53am Monday 23rd December 2013

While those in authority ponder what to do with Hampshire’s Family from Hell, I have a couple of suggestions.

Of course we should pay our MPs more - just not most of this lot

Daily Echo: Sixth Formers new found proficiency

6:52pm Friday 13th December 2013

I've said it before, but it is worth repeating:ay peanuts and get, well, you know the rest.

Best not to shout about what we have to offer

Daily Echo: Media City Mist by Chris Conway

4:37pm Friday 22nd November 2013

This week saw the fragrant city of Hull snatch the title of UK City of Culture for the year 2017.

Smoke clears to reveal the winners and losers

Daily Echo: Strikes by binmen last year over cuts brough rubbish to city streets

4:46pm Tuesday 19th November 2013

I DON’T know how many staff earning top money at Southampton City Council are actually members of the Unite and Unison unions.

Hidden dangers in the late-night pub levy

Daily Echo: Police crackdown on pubs selling to under age boozers

12:40pm Saturday 2nd November 2013

SOUTHAMPTON City Council proposals to tax bars and clubs to help pay for night-time police cover and early morning clean-ups could have been predicted to be welcomed by residents and politicians eager to please residents, and given a swift thumbs down by licensees.

Double standards of celebs with profits to make

Daily Echo: Model katie Price has had cosmetic surgery

12:40pm Friday 1st November 2013

ALL this debate over press intrusion and the effect it has on the private lives of celebrities has been underpinned in the last few weeks with what I can only say have been outrageous stories best kept hidden from public view.

A free press is a jewel – a rough diamond perhaps, but still precious

Daily Echo: Boycott call after Croydon Advertiser "exposes" brothel

1:27pm Friday 25th October 2013

By now most of you will have given up trying to understand the machinations of press regulation.

This would be a charter for control by the state

Daily Echo: This would be a charter for control by the state

8:20am Monday 14th October 2013

I’VE come to the conclusion they just don’t get it.

The party's over - but for us it didn't seem to start

Daily Echo:

10:11am Thursday 5th September 2013

The crowds have dispersed, the lights have faded, the bunting put away for another year.

Of course the British people don't want war - who does?

Daily Echo: Dr Julian Lewis

10:07am Thursday 5th September 2013

The logic of New Forest West MP Dr Julian Lewis is hard to fault.

David Gower has the right idea - just the wrong questions

4:25pm Monday 22nd July 2013

Hampshire cricket legend David Gower’s suggestion this week that townies should not be allowed to vote unless they pass exams on countryside issues opens up a whole hornets’ nest of ideas.

How the lovely Mishal may inadvertently end 300-years o British history

4:22pm Monday 22nd July 2013

News that BBC presenter Mishal Husain will be joining the regular team at the Radio Four Today programme fills me with dread.

Just because Henry VIII couldn't email doesn't mean the Royal Mail shouldn't evolve

2:11pm Saturday 13th July 2013

Go on, be honest, if you are reading this and you are under the age of 45 how often, apart from the odd birthday card and a ruck of the things at Christmas do you ever actually send a personal letter to someone.

Oh pay them more and get it done with

1:03pm Saturday 13th July 2013

How much do you value your MP?

An incentive or a bribe? Either way it will put the gas burners under local democracy

Daily Echo: MIXED VIEWS: A drilling rig

12:34pm Monday 1st July 2013

The incentives - bribes some might call them - being offered by the government for communities to agree to fracking might seem crude, but they could invigorate local democracy.

If a man had taken a 15-year-old girl to a secluded spot and had sex with them would they be charged? I think so. So why not in this case?

2:47pm Sunday 30th June 2013

When a 30-year old man sleeps with a 15-year-old girl there should always been deep concern. The case of teacher Jeremy Forrest who began an illegal affair with one of his pupils before running away with her to France gripped the nation this month.

Green light, but will it be in the red for arts complex?

9:15am Thursday 27th June 2013

Delighted that the much talked of and long debated Cultural Quarter for Southampton pears to have passed the final planning hurdle.

A chap just doesn't know what to wear these days

5:48pm Friday 21st June 2013

Bit of a kerfuffle at Ascot over dress code this season.

A night of glamour, drama - and tattoos (and that was just the ladies)

5:45pm Friday 21st June 2013

Wonderful to be presenting a gong at the Venus Business Women’s Awards in Southampton this week.

Personally, I hope we are spying on everyone out there

5:44pm Friday 21st June 2013

What do I make of the BBC’s moral high ground bedfellow of choice, the Guardian, and its decision to ‘expose’ the fact that Britain has been using its spies to keep an eye on the comings and goings of foreign powers?

Oh the irony - but I doubt the BBC will see it

5:43pm Friday 21st June 2013

Is there an irony in the fact the BBC, so earnest in its pursuit this week of names of health staff responsible for another shocking hospital cover-up, has been found to have paid out £28m in licence fee cash to staff to shut them up?

Who will we boo when all the bankers are in jail?

5:41pm Friday 21st June 2013

So now bankers who make big mistakes or are reckless with the future of the economy will face trial and imprisonment.

Erm - wasn't it that house prices were soaring that caused the problem in the first place...

11:25am Tuesday 18th June 2013

House prices are at their highest in Hampshire for the last three years.

You can't force folk to eat salad

11:23am Tuesday 18th June 2013

You can lead some folk to the salad bar, but you can’t force them to graze.

Silly prank or heinous crime?

7:24am Monday 10th June 2013

Now I’m not saying this was right, but in my day if a couple of 14-year old lads flashed at a couple of girls of a similar age in the park, it was frowned upon, but not taken too seriously.

Sailing to disaster or just the Doldrums?

7:22am Monday 10th June 2013

Did they deliberately snub the Round the World Clipper race, or did Southampton City Council simply forget to put in an application?

Voting like sheep for Mili's Fillies

10:18pm Friday 24th May 2013

“I’ve come to love Southampton and its people.”

Reasons to hate South West Trains - number 50097

7:58pm Friday 17th May 2013

How I hate South West Trains.

If he goes I'll miss the fashion tips

5:01pm Thursday 16th May 2013

For Saints fans there has been no escaping the news this week that Chairman Nicola Cortese might be heading for the exit.

Penalise the sensible drinkers I say

4:58pm Thursday 16th May 2013

Interesting the small print of plans by Southampton City Council to consider charging parking fees in the city in the evening.

I like a politician who can wear a chunky jumper

4:57pm Thursday 16th May 2013

I think I like our new Dear Leader.

Sage words from Dr Lewis

4:55pm Thursday 16th May 2013

Sage words this week in the House of Commons from local MP Dr Julian Lewis.

Teachers should welcome shorter holidays

8:51pm Saturday 27th April 2013

Schooling is not like it was in my day-thankfully.

Boogie on down - while you can

10:28am Monday 22nd April 2013

There you are minding you own business at the bust stop – and before you know it you are an internet sensation.

It matters when someone tells porkies

10:26am Monday 22nd April 2013

It matters when someone doesn’t tell the truth.

And giving an impartial opinion - it's Gerry Adams

Daily Echo: Baroness Thatcher died aged 87

5:42pm Sunday 14th April 2013

I was, I will admit, pleasantly surprised by the tone and presentation of the announcement of Baroness Thatcher’s death from the BBC – at least initially.

Mrs T? She was more exotic than a Vesta curry

5:39pm Sunday 14th April 2013

With plans for the funeral of Baroness Thatcher in final preparation, Editor Ian Murray recalls the impact of her arrival on his life

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