Dear Insurance Shopper If you thought driving lessons were an expense, wait till you start talking to insurance companies about car insurance for your newly qualified driver either son or daughter, who has just passed their driving test, or just wants some lessons from Mum or Dad, whilst preparing for their driving test. I was shocked when I started shopping around, I was quoted prices from £500 to £7000, this is a widely varied market place when it comes to price. I have a background in negotiating with companies for contracts of supply and I am also a driving instructor, so I know a little about price negotiation and driving, so I soon discovered that there was some savings to be made, if you were willing to shop around.

Price comparison sites I soon discovered that these are really a waist of time, after all the hype and advertising on TV and radio they really did not offer good deals for new drivers, as quite a few of their web sites listed companies which will not even provide cover for 17 year olds, so a great percentage are utterly useless and a waist of time. The prices quoted on the comparison sites were incredibly high, even for their cheapest ones.

But you can spend a lot of time going through the shortlist of quotes on these comparison sites only to discover that they will not provide cover for anybody under 18 years of age. I soon gave up on the comparison sites and started targeting insurance companies directly, where the real deals are to be found. Blue School of Motoring can help their students find better car insurance for new drivers by going to our Pass Plus page and there you will find a list of insurance companies that provide co9ver for new or just qualified drivers.

Its best to target sites that are already on the Pass Plus directory, click on our link to find a list Pass Plus Insurance. Some of these companies are able to offer discounts as soon as you start the policy, but will require the course completed within a set period otherwise no discount. The other advantage of Pass Plus is the fact that your newly qualified driver will get further training from a fully qualified driving instructor and the area they have not covered in real terms before in normal pre driving test lessons will be Motorway driving, see link for modules covered.

So it's that easy, shop around and ask each company what discount they will give you, don't take the first offer, and always narrow it down to two, then say to each well your competitor is offering this deal can you match it, the biggest is not always the best, the highest quote I received was from the AA £7000 for the insurance on a £2000 vehicle, absolutely ridiculous..

Every insurance company will be different, and will have unique offers, and some will be downright unhelpful even aggressive, so avoid them and move onto a company who can help you with getting the best price and service. You may think that Third Party cover will be cheaper than Fully comprehensive, but you will surprised that in some cases it is almost the same, if it is stick with the later, good hunting.

If you need any more help just drop us a line on or 01276 453722.Cheers Damien Burke Blue School of Motoring Ltd

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