There couldn't be more of a contrast between one week and the next. In the first week of august I was watching young rowers from around the world some from tough backgrounds do their best for their individual countries. The next riots broken out around the country. I don't want to dwell those who chose to carry out negative actions.

We were never sure that we would get that much attention but the social media stats showed us otherwise. So far we haven had over 22,000 views on the YouTube channel I launched for the championships which is at

Also we had over 216,000 post views on Facebook. I was very lucky throughout the championships to work with Laura Fell, Ian Robinson, Hazel Baker and James Frater. Dorney lake where the event took place will be an amazing venue for the Olympic rowing. I can see the views on the YouTube channel reaching over 25,000. The same number of miles as I plan to reach by birthday in September. There are barriers to overcome on the way such as those caused by my CP.

Such as being sick every two days and back cramps. However if these kids from different back grounds can come from across the world to their hearts out then anything is possible.

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