THAT was the reaction of Southampton’s Martin Smith after being whitewashed by James Green in the pool individual final at Hedge End Club.

The quiet man of the Romsey Comrades B league championship winning side took just over half an hour to secure his first title.

Hampshire A star Green let his cue do the talking in a clinical 5-0 demolition of Smith in the CR Rollason Cup final.

The 34-minutes playing time would have been longer if Smith, also runner-up in 2007, had not contrived to snooker himself on a two-shot chance on the black in the fifth frame with only one of his opponent’s red balls left.

“It was a bit of a struggle getting over the line,” admitted Green. “But it was a good 5-0 win.”

And the 21-year-old insisted he had no thoughts of revenge after the team cup final defeat by Smith’s Riverside Club the previous week.

Smith, whose confidence drained away as the match progressed, actually missed a long black for a 1-0 lead.

After a cat-and-mouse safety exchange in the next frame, Green finally extracted a two-shot chance after a series of snookers and produced an eight-ball clearance.

And presented with a sniff of a chance, he made it 3-0 with a seven-ball clearance.

Now potting anything in his sights, Green sunk six reds in his first visit in the fourth. A third attempt at the final red left him one frame from victory.

After the mid-session break, Smith’s clever snooker yielded a two-shot chance with the black near a middle pocket and Green’s last red close to a corner.

Rather than cutting the red in and running round off two or three cushions, Smith opted to screw off his opponent’s ball only to watch in horror as the red went up and down the table and completely snookered him.

The left-hander failed to escape and Green made no mistake.

Smith described Green as a “fantastic potter” and added: “I had my chances, didn’t take them, and he put them away.

“He’s had England trials so it’s not like I could have intimidated him. I’ve played for 20 odd years. He’s only a youngster; he’s got no fear.”

Referee Graham Leale said: “James, when he needed to, played tight. But he is so capable of potting everything on the table.

“Martin, when he had his chances, didn’t take them. He needed one of the first couple of racks to get into the game. As he went further behind, it was just a struggle for him.”

And Smith added: “Fair play to James - even if he does come from Pompey!”

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