I can’t remember whether I mentioned before that I took a test a few months ago to see if I had early signs of dementia. It comprised 10 questions. First question: what is today’s date? A cold chill went down my spine. What on earth was the date? First there was panic- How could I fall at the first hurdle? Then a desperate search for excuses- Is it really a sign of dementia if you can’t keep up with something that changes every day? Fortunately for me, I could answer all the other questions so I figured I was okay for now.

Anyway, yesterday I took another fun dementia test. You might think I’m a bit obsessed but I figure it’s never too soon to know that you have a horrible incurable disease. So, this test gave you 60 seconds to memorise 10 words and then twenty minutes later you had see how many you remembered. Five or more was reckoned to be satisfactory, if you want to try this yourself.

Four hours later, I remembered I was supposed to be doing the test. But the good news is I recalled all ten words. Pretty good for someone who didn’t remember that he’d already written about the earlier test in an previous blog. By the way, what is today’s date?

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