WE are writing to express how delighted we are to see that so many people in Southampton care about the future of the Wool House.

We have specifically chosen this site for our new venture because we do too.

This property is being leased as a commercial business purely due to economics and we are relieved that it will not become another Tesco Express or worse, derelict.

We are dedicated to maintaining this beautiful building whilst bringing a totally new and unique concept to the town. Substantial damage to the roof caused by vandals throwing stones will lead to major problems once water gets into the chestnut beams, unless a considerable amount of work is carried out.

It is unfortunate that the council are unable to continue to give arts groups access to the Wool House rent free but in our hands it will remain open to all, whilst receiving the work it is in desperate need of.

This will also enable the council and the people of Southampton to retain ownership, as well as income to spend on services elsewhere in the city.

A new arts venue is due to open in the Gods House Tower in 2016 and the council have offered to help find Element Arts a new home. We have received a huge amount of support from those who have seen our plans and the decision to take on the lease is being welcomed by locals and tourists alike.

We are not proposing a theme pub and we are not a chain; we want to keep the Wool House for the community and will welcome anyone of any age who just wants to pop in to see the building.

A lift will also be installed to ensure that disabled people can access the whole site.

A petition has been created opposing the application and we would like to invite the organisers, whom we have tried to contact, and anyone who has anxieties towards the project for an informal chat so that we can listen to their concerns and discuss our proposed plans.

An information board will go up in The Platform Tavern to provide updates on our progress and all are welcome to take a look.