HAVING read the article “Legal challenge to plan for 1,400 homes is ditched” (Daily Echo, December 20), how I feel for the residents of Boorley Green and Botley, because this has been steamrollered through by leader Keith House and his Liberal Democrat councillors who enjoy a 40 to 4 majority in the council chamber.

I note Cllr House’s comment the borough council has acted properly and legally, under the current planning procedures.

Perhaps they have, but morally to pursue their political agenda to the detriment of the residents they represent is a betrayal. Closure of the golf club is linked to the success of the Ageas Bowl scheme’s upgraded golf course.

Those of us who have protested about the methods used in public consultations with regard to the local plan can accept there is a need for housing, however, the infrastructure, roads, sewers etc should be in place prior to development.

There is an alternative to revive the Major Development Area off Allington Lane, which included the missing junction 6 on to the M27, but as we know the council led by Cllr House are adamant this will not be considered.

Politics at its worse.