IN reply to Dorothy Fudge, it has to be said that this current Government has had nearly five years to sort out the economy and the social problems we’ve seen develop.

They have not. All they seem capable of is blaming the last Government. The time for excuses passes around five or six months into the job; we are now nearly into another general election.

I also would rather people understood that the banks had a massive impact, not just Labour.

We still have bankers unpunished for their crimes, some have even been awarded bonuses.

Food banks are a recent issue.

They have happened due to Direct Living Allowance and other welfare having been scrapped.

Labour had no play in this at all.

People need employment before they can leave welfare and having looked at the job market recently myself, there is little on option for full-time, regular work.

Lastly, if money is such an issue for Government then why have they ignored the £30 billion HMRC have failed to take in tax from the multinationals?

D J COOK, Sholing, Southampton.