SAINTS’ formal complaint to the FA over Mark Clattenburg’s comments to Adam Lallana is not worthy of the club.

Referees have to put up with diving (compounded by exfootball pundits excusing it as simulation), constant filthy abusive, coach-induced complaints at decisions and now this. A politicised stab against a decent referee – who made an honest remark of the player. I am in no doubt that the likes of Terry Paine (who I saw in one of his last games beat my team, Stoke City) and Peter Rodrigues would be disgusted at the disingenuous nature of the complaint.

Need we be reminded that most Premier League players earn over £1m per year after tax, when the average person’s income is £27,000?

Corporately, ‘Saints’ appears a misnomer.

TONY RIMMER, Esher, Surrey.