I WAS one of those who drove friends to Southampton to join the QM2 on Friday afternoon.

They are from Northumberland.

You can imagine what they felt about the chaos – just to get there.

Luckily they did not have to find a way out of the mess. It took me three hours.

I could not help but reflect on the legacy left by the past CEO of the port and his team of course.

He was quick to claim how wonderful the port was doing and take the plaudits and photo opportunities.

His big concern was Liverpool.

A minnow in the cruise business, but it just might be better to go there to join a ship.

This was my first experience of going to the port on such an occasion. It will be the last.

However I must congratulate all those wonderful people in yellow jackets who did the very best they could with a smile to keep things moving in a situation almost impossible to manage. Well done.

DENIS FINDLAY, Waltham Chase.