YET again we are harangued with a plethora of wished-for fanciful misinformation by Richard Grant (Letters, January 7).

The wages and conditions enjoyed by our emergency services were hard fought for, and won by their unions, the only organisations that fairly represent them.

Nothing is mentioned of all the powerful employers’ organisations that have bottomless pits of wealth which is used to oppose the betterment of workers’ conditions.

It should be borne in mind that if we are ever to achieve a more equitable society, rather than the one we have which allows the gap between rich and poor to continually widen, it is only the unions that are there to fight for it.

His statement, oft repeated, in the light of disavowal by the Bank of England, the IMF that Labour ruined the economy is disingenuous.

His lavish approbation of the ‘wealthy sector’ ignores the fact that it was these very people by their profligate manipulation of the country’s financial institutions that caused the problem.

A fact also borne out by the above-mentioned institutions and the culprits are still lining their pockets, whilst the ordinary working public are suffering, and picking up the bill of their greed.

A bill by its terms of settlement is vicious in the extreme, bedroom tax, a never-ending attack on every aspect of a decent society, and his party, the Liberals, fully support it. As a previous reader said, who in their right mind would want to vote Liberal?

D. R. SMITH, Southampton.