I HAVE been reading the letters in the Daily Echo about joining or not joining the Lib Dems which if I remember rightly was made up of members of the old Liberal Party and sympathisers from the other parties.

As far as I am concerned they have not done very well in forming a coalition with the Conservative Party, which I do not think has served this country very well.

So I have come up with a better idea, a grand coalition of all the parties, forming a Government from the MPs that had the most votes in the last election, or the ones that get the most votes in the next election.

These would be not only from the main parties, but all the parties wanting to be MPs, such as Respect, UKIP, or just those standing as an independent who, when I was growing up, used to voice the concerns of the constituency they lived in.

To my way of thinking this sort of coalition would be welcomed by the voters as their voices could be aired nationwide and they would know that this sort of coalition would be about what the people wanted as a whole, not a one party voice which leads to arguments on both sides We had a good example of this during Churchill’s time during the Second World War when the whole country was behind him.

I even have a name for such a coalition – it would be the “Voice of the Nation”, for that is what it would be with everyone having a say in the decision making.