RESIDENTS living at the Thornhill Park Road end of Thornhill have now completely lost the First Bus No 13 service, therefore a vital lifeline to Bitterne.

Please, please, please Solent Blue Line, reinstate your old No 19 service to the top of Warburton Road, Thornhill, via Harefield, Thornhill Park Road and reverse, as this would solve several issues.

Residents living in Thornhill would be able to get to the doctors’ surgery in Thornhill Park Road. Residents living in the Thornhill Park Road end of Hinkler Road would again have a service to Bitterne.

Residents wanting to travel between Thornhill and Harefield would have that link back.

Residents living in Harefield would again have a bus service on a Sunday, which they haven’t had for many months.

I am sure that if Solent Blue Line were to reinstate this service, they would gain a lot of new customers.

M BUSWELL, Thornhill, Southampton.