IT would appear that whatever subject Richard Grant writes about, he always finds a space in his letters to have a knock at the UK Independence Party.

He appears concerned that there are apparently many unfinished building sites and houses in Spain and suggests that maybe our building companies could go there and finish the jobs. There appears to be no end to building in this country so why would they be looking for extra work abroad?

He also appears oblivious to the fact that Spanish building laws are vastly different to ours, as many ex-pats have discovered to their cost, so many of these apparently unfinished properties are probably awaiting demolition.

He goes on to suggest that some of our council tenants could be shipped out there to live, an idea which would suggest that even as a dedicated Lib Dem he is equally aware as we UKIP members are that we have a big problem with far too many people looking for accommodation in this country, obviously caused by immigration and our open border policy.

And what about the benefits many of these tenants are enjoying here? Surely he wouldn’t expect we taxpayers send them their benefits in Spain? It’s a sure bet the Spaniards won’t be paying.

L A O’Bee, Southampton.