“The Truth about Immigration”

proclaimed a recent BBC2 programme. The truth as in “the whole truth”? Well, not quite.

For one thing, it repeated the old Tory-inspired myth that some injudicious remarks by Enoch Powell precluded any chance of calm, rational discussion, let alone action, with regard to mass immigration. Could one person’s alleged lack of moderation really have closed down debate?

There was no serious political debate because the leaders of the main Parties saw no need for one.

On this subject, as on membership of the EU, there was (and is) no significant difference between them.

The all-important truth about immigration that the liberal elite won’t reveal is this: it facilitates the dilution of nationhood. Mass immigration and the EU are two sides of the same coin. The one erodes identity; the other sovereignty. And in matters of jurisprudence, the European Court of Human Rights (votes for criminals!) has been accorded ultimate authority.

So why are the politicians now talking about trying to reduce immigration, and holding out the prospect of an EU referendum?

The reason, of course, is the growing popularity of UKIP. At last British people who don’t want an ever-more multi-cultural society within an ever closer union Europe, have a credible, respectable Party to vote for.

There will never be agreement, because there can never be a definitive calculation, as to the overall economic effects of immigration. But, as Nigel Farage has said, there are some things more important than money.

It would be small comfort to know that “there will always be an England”…. football team.

TERRY PARSON, Address supplied.