HAVING digested all the letters on Southampton’s traffic chaos, I wish to give my views. I agree/ disagree with a lot of the letters.

Jacqui Rayment has been giving excuse after excuse.

What if she had been caught up in all this chaos and needed the loo? Would she have a bucket with her?

In my view, Jacqui Rayment and her workforce sit on their backsides dreaming up ‘What can we now do to upset the folks of Southampton?’.

She is up a creek without a paddle, with nowhere to go or turn.

It is about time she did the honourable thing and resigned.

I am sure there are more competent staff within the council who could do a lot better job.

When is an emergency not an emergency? The Daily Echo (January 14) stated crisis talks with senior management, transport chiefs and cruise operators was to take place. It has suggested a series of proposals, but will they work? I am not aware of any feedback from the cruise operators.

Why are the cruise liners being made the scapegoats for all this chaos? If they decided to leave Southampton, what then?

Think of the negative knockon effect on the city, trade, jobs, etc. All due to the incompetence of Jacqui Rayment, and the councillors of the transport department.

Do councillors think they can dictate to the cruise line owners, what time they can dock and leave? I wonder what their answer would be.

Why this gridlock? It has never happened before.

Readers, cast your minds back to mid-June last year when five cruise ships were in port.

What a sight, when they sailed down Southampton Water, line astern, perhaps never to be seen again.

We must have been the envy of the world.

The roads were busy, but there was no chaos or gridlock. So what has gone wrong in such a short period of time?