I AM concerned at the difficulties I have experienced when trying to contact my MP.

In this modern age of technology and instant ways to communicate with each other I amazed that my MP will only rely on the old fashioned method of writing to him by post or waiting for a vague time when I might be able to meet him in my constituency.

I have emailed Dr Julian Lewis MP on numerous occasions only to be told that he does not accept email communication. I have tried to find details of regular surgeries in my constituency however they are not held regularly but on an ad hoc basis as required.

I did once manage to gain an appointment with him in London but was unable to travel up in the end but it is interesting that this was easier to arrange.

Is Dr Lewis ever actually in his constituency?

Why will Dr Lewis not accept emails from his constituents? And why does he not have “contact me” and surgery details on his website in the same way that other MPs do?

I wonder if he accepts pigeon carriers?

TINA WILLIAMS, New Forest East constituent.