I HAD to write regarding the proposal for the Dancing Man Brewery to take over the Wool House ex Maritime Museum in Southampton, pictured, and turn it into a brewery and restaurant.

I and everyone I know and have spoken to about this are totally in favour of such a change of use. Extra local jobs will be created and the Dancing Man company will look after an ancient monument for Southampton City Council as well as providing rental income.

We all know that further severe cuts in public spending are on the way and the only options the city council now has are to cut services for vulnerable people and the jobs to provide these services. In this climate the council (which means you and me, local council tax payers) cannot afford to maintain a historic building and provide free or subsidised exhibition space for local artists.

Pubs are closing all over the country and we should praise the Dancing Man Brewery for developing a local business.

The Platform Tavern is a local pub that brews seven prizewinning beers and provides good food and live musical entertainment from local performers. They are not asking for a subsidy from anyone.

I and all my family and friends are looking forward to eating in the Wool House after the Dancing Man Brewery takes it over, enjoying the lovely surroundings and hopefully listening to more live music.

E J C WADHAM, Southampton.